«Not every 63-year-old woman would dare»: The natural appearance of Stone with no makeup became the subject of discussions

Stone, 63, stunned her followers by revealing her completely natural appearance without makeup.

The remarkable and well-known movie star Sh. Stone is already sixty-three years old, but very few people know it because she appears to be living in the moment and not even aware that she is getting older. Her recent unpolished candid shots created quite a stir.

Many individuals hurried to the comment area to harshly condemn and chastise the movie actor.

“She is unique,” “She has no equals,” “Even without makeup, she looks beautiful,” and “Her age is already showing.”

“Thank you for being honest,” “Not every 63-year-old woman would dare,”

“Stop ignoring your age!,” “She won’t be the same,” and “It’s time you accept your age and wear what is appropriate for you” are some of the statements made.

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