Anne Reburn Delivers A Beautiful A Capella Version Of “Mr Sandman”

Born in Oklahoma, Anne Reburn has amassed over 350,000 YouTube subscribers and over 50 million views thanks to her several outstanding singing videos. Her amazing voice and her skill at creating harmony by fusing together several recordings are both evident in these films. She forms her own vocal group, utilizing technology to its utmost.

She published a video of herself performing the song “Mr. Sandman” in 2016. Vaughn Monroe and his orchestra recorded this song for the first time in 1954. When Marty travels back to the 1950s in Back to the Future, the song is played, which helped to popularize it. Reburn, who was born in 1995, gave the iconic song a contemporary feel in her music video.

This is now Reburn’s most popular video on YouTube with over 9.5 million views. “It’s my most popular cover and I still don’t really know why, but thanks to the mysterious YouTube algorithms that suggest it so much,” Reburn said, expressing her amazement at the video’s success.


When Reburn felt that her “real job” was not providing her with any creative outlet, she turned to filming videos. She performed both her original songs and cover versions of popular songs, such as “Mr. Sandman,” on YouTube. Her renditions of the Bee Gees song “How Deep is Your Love” and the Lion King song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” which has received over 6.5 million views, are among her other well-known videos.


Now a Los Angeles resident, Reburn is a very contemporary musician. She views herself as a truly independent artist, able to use YouTube to release songs whenever she pleases and share her lovely voice with listeners everywhere. Her rendition of “Mr. Sandman” serves as a reminder that music from the past may be brought back and beautifully reimagined by every new generation. You may follow Anne Reburn on Facebook and Instagram to see more of her work. To learn more, you may also go to her official website.

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