A Broadway Connection: John Travolta’s Fond Reminiscence

Treat Williams’s timeless friendship and talent are honored in this book, Forever Remembered.

The world is in mourning for Treat Williams, the extraordinary actor who died in a horrific motorcycle accident. Many people’s emotions are heavy with sadness as the word spreads. In this moving homage, we celebrate Treat’s incredible life and talent by traveling through the recollections and tributes expressed by some of his closest friends in the business.

Treat Williams’ longtime friend and co-star John Travolta remembers with nostalgia the times they spent in New York City together, where they first met while working on the famous Broadway productions of “Grease” and “Over Here.” Travolta sends his sincere sorrow and love to Treat’s family in a moving message. He writes, “I sincerely apologize, Treat. My prayers are with you and your family. There’s a huge void that you leave behind. John, with love.

Treat Williams and Catherine Zeta-Jones had a unique friendship on screen together in the 1996 movie “The Phantom.” Zeta-Jones shared a still from the movie on social media after sharing her profound shock at the passing of her close friend and co-star. She wrote the heartfelt caption, “R.I.P. Dearest Treat Williams,” to go with it. The anguish of his leaving endures.

Treat Williams’ co-star in the 1999 TV movie “36 Hours to Die,” Kim Cattrall, says she is shocked by the terrible information. She remembers Treat as a wonderful friend and actor and sends her sympathies to his family in a touching message, bidding him farewell with tears. You will be sorely missed, Cattrall says.

Sharon Stone posts a screenshot of a news story reporting Treat’s passing with sadness on her page. With the words, “Sad news, rest in peace, brother,” she writes him a somber farewell. She will always have a particular place in her heart for the experiences they made together and the friendship they experienced.


Treat Williams’ co-star in the movie “Everwood,” Emily VanCamp, posts a touching note and a picture of Treat when he was younger. She thinks back on the incredible times they had together at work and offers Treat’s family her love and support. VanCamp says, “Take off, my friend,” as she ends her homage. We shall always feel your presence.

A photo of Treat Williams and Mark Hamill from the set of “The Empire Strikes Back” (1980) shows them together as an uncredited storm base warrior. He tags it with words of love and devastation, overcome with anguish. “Just heard the devastating news of @Rtreatwilliams’s passing,” says Hamill. He was a beloved friend, a gifted actor, and an amazing person. I’m inconsolable. #RIP_Pal.

During months of filming in Rome, James Woods, Treat Williams’ co-star in the epic crime drama “Once Upon a Time in America” from 1984, looks back on their time spent together. Even though it was a long shoot, Woods remembers Treat’s constant good humor and compassion. “I am shattered by his loss, because he was someone I genuinely liked,” he sobs. #TreatWilliams, may you RIP.

Billy Baldwin pays a profound homage and composes a lovely poem to Treat Williams. He highlights all of Treat’s positive traits, calling him successful, charming, intelligent, talented, funny, kind, and sympathetic. Baldwin emphasizes Treat’s commitment to addressing climate change and social justice. It will be challenging to fill the emptiness left by Treat’s passing, as it is greatly felt. “Rest in peace, Treat,” Baldwin ends. We shall miss your brilliant heart very much.

As we honor Treat Williams’ extraordinary life and legacy, let us not forget the deep influence he had on the entertainment business and on the hearts of people he touched. His amazing work and the priceless experiences he leaves behind will ensure that his memory endures forever.

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