Dog Spent 12 Years Chained Up In The Dirt, Wondering When His Day Would Come

Four Paws Hope got a report about an elderly dog who was confined and without access to food or water. His owner passed away four years ago, leaving him with an older adult who neglected him. ilovemydogsomuch is written.

The 12-year-old dog was incredibly dirty, had no teeth, terrible skin problems, and had probably not had a wash in a long time.

They called this adorable dog “Roger” and took him right away to the closest veterinarian so he could get the attention he needed.

After receiving medical attention for his problems and a much-needed bath, Roger was placed with a devoted foster family. He’s undergoing therapy for intestinal parasites, skin, and ear problems in addition to anemia.

Roger’s inner and outer changes were brought about by the love and care of his foster mother, veterinarian staff, and rescuers.

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