Mother Births 3rd Set Of Twins, But When She Sees Birth Certificate She Can’t Believe Her Eyes

A couple in Wisconsin had a surprising turn of events when they became parents to two twins on the exact same day for the third time.

A lady approached Carrie and Craig Kosinski in 2013 and asked if they would think about adopting the twins she was expecting.

She addressed her situation by saying, “Because I am unable to give the babies the life they deserve, adoption is a feasible solution.” Telling the story to NBC’s “Today,” Carrie said they were happy to comply even though at first they wanted biological children.

“Assembled with our conviction that this was divinely ordained, we unreservedly aligned ourselves with God’s plan, electing to prioritize adoption over our preconceived aspirations of biological parenthood,” Carrie said with a demonstration of unshakeable confidence.

On February 28, 2014, the twins Adalynn and Kenna were born via emergency cesarean section. Coincidentally, this day also happened to be the birthdays of their biological siblings, JJ and CeCe, who had also been born the year before.

Not too long after Adalynn and Kenna were legally adopted, the birth mother of the twins contacted the Kosinskis again to request that JJ and CeCe be adopted. This was exactly a year later. The pair gave a yes response.

In September of 2015, the Kosinski family received yet another surprise from Providence when they learned they were expecting two sets of twins. Then, on a date that surprised them both, Carrie had an emergency cesarean section on February 28, 2016. Even though Carrie’s expected delivery was planned for a little over three months later, unanticipated events caused her water to break at 19 weeks, necessitating a six-week hospital bed rest period prior to the eventual surgical operation.

Even with the odd coincidence that all six of the children had the same birthdate, Kosinski insisted that each child’s uniqueness is still very much present. She continued, reflecting, “It brings me great joy to see how each child’s individuality comes through in their personality. However, diversity also pushes us in six different ways, each of which reveals a different charm.

The Kosinski family decided to share their story in the hopes that it would encourage a more accepting view on adoption. Explaining their viewpoint, Carrie said succinctly, “Because we believe in God’s adoption into our family, we have been inclined to see this as a divine command, directing the incorporation of these children into our family. A great gift has entered our life, consecrating every child with an infinite amount of love. We have no wish to live in a different reality.

The story quickly gained popularity and spread throughout digital media, inspiring a flood of kind words and well wishes. On the public forum, a reader wrote, “My sincere congrats to your magnificent family! May the light of the divine always shine on your path. “Astonishing—this deeply touching account stands as a testament to divine ordination,” commented a second observer. Having the same birthday in different years—truly an amazing sight.

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