To her, he is like a son! Cher made an appearance in front of bewildered admirers and a young romantic partner.

We all know that the world is constantly amazed by the well-known actress Cher, but this time she went too far.

Cher started seeing a younger man and had no qualms about being older. The 77-year-old celebrity has started dating 37-year-old singer Alexander Edwards.

Everyone started talking about them online after that, and a lot of people thought the relationship would dissolve.

These remarks didn’t appear to intrigue the unusual couple. They recently made a public appearance together on the red carpet.

Cher was dressed in a jumpsuit and blazer both in shades of dark blue. Makeup enhanced the celebrity’s appearance.

Her partner had on an all-black outfit. Internet viewers noticed how affectionately they hugged and gazed at each other while they were the center of attention.

The fact that they look fantastic together despite their age difference thrilled a lot of devoted admirers. However, there are those who denigrate them, as usual.

She mentioned in one of the interviews that they are content together. They even intend to take a vacation together.

They appear to be in a wonderful relationship, so there’s no reason to feel envious.

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