Father’s Middle Son Doesn’t Look Enough like Him So He Does a DNA Test on the Boy

The husband, believing their middle child’s looks were unusual, asked for a paternity test, which led to the dissolution of their 12-year marriage.

The request did not sit well with his wife, who is now considering filing for divorce.Twelve years of marriage may have been undone by a husband who asked his wife to take a paternity test.

The 37-year-old man expressed his uncertainties on his relationship with his middle kid on Reddit.

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“We have three kids, and I always had this nagging feeling that our middle child wasn’t mine,” he said in his explanation. My middle child doesn’t look like me, but our eldest and youngest do.

The husband understood that adultery was a deal-breaker for his wife, which gave him even more motivation to ask for a paternity test. For this reason, the 35-year-old found the request offensive.

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Her hubby claimed there shouldn’t be any problems if she had nothing to hide. He was even more dubious after his wife’s outburst, so he carried out the test and discovered that the son was, in fact, his. After learning the results, the husband thought the matter was over, but his wife started to have doubts about the longevity of their union.

His asking for a paternity test caused a strain in his marriage. His wife was still quite furious with him since she believed that her husband did not trust her. Not to mention that their son wondered where he belonged into the family because he didn’t have his looks.

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The husband tried to convince his wife of his point of view, but she wouldn’t accept that he thought she would cheat and that his pride would force him to jeopardize his family.

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The 35-year-old then mentioned the prospect of getting a divorce, which was not how the husband had thought things would turn out for him. The 37-year-old has not spoken to his wife since the incident, so he was hoping some Reddit users could assist him come up with ideas for how to communicate to her again.

Was it decided by the couple to remain together?

A few months after he posted his story on Reddit, the 37-year-old made a reappearance with an update, saying that his wife had finally agreed to talk to him.

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Still, her appraisal of the situation had not completely changed. The wife’s inability to forgive her husband for his mistreatment of their son and his lack of faith in her persisted.

It seemed impossible for her to trust him ever again. His son felt alone and thought he hated him. The spouse revealed that he had always knew his father treated him differently, even if the father was not aware of it.

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After learning of the adultery accusations, the woman started to fear that her husband might be concealing secrets of his own. Despite acknowledging to having strayed in his two previous relationships, the man insisted he had not cheated on his wife.

The wife argued that she had never cheated, defying his logic. Consequently, the couple’s circumstances did not get better with time. Instead, the wife thought she would never be able to forgive him.

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The spouse, who had thought that the paternity test would ease his mind, ended up being extremely resentful of it. It wasn’t just his middle son who was upset with him, the father insisted; none of his kids were speaking to him. In addition, his wife wanted them to separate.

Besides, not a single commenter felt sorry for him. They believed that his wife ought to have left him since she understood the worth of both her own and their son. The majority of individuals, meanwhile, did not find it shocking that he had cheated in the past.

For the husband to question his 12-year marriage and accuse her of infidelity was already a breach that most commenters felt should have resulted in a divorce.

But more Reddit users were infuriated by the father’s choice to annoy his son and wife in order to preserve his own sanity. To many, at least, he appeared to make the crisis all about himself.

The fact that he felt compelled to request a paternity test just because he wanted his middle child to look like him irritated most respondents. People on the internet felt bad for the woman, so they could understand why she would never trust her spouse in the future. Readers concluded that the husband’s concerns about trust went beyond his reservations about the paternity test.

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Another factor that outraged online users was the husband’s inability to accept that he was wrong to not trust his wife and to suffer for his son. In their remarks, some even stated he had failed as a parent.

This article describes this woman’s encounter with a stranger asking for a DNA test and the shocking findings that transpired.

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