There’s a weird detail in this photo that’s freaking people out – check the comments:

Family photos are a regular sight. Many parents want to have formal pictures of their children, so they gather, hire a photographer, and smile for the camera!

Given all the smiles that are frequently seen, this is usually a pretty joyous time of year, but one family photo is making internet users quite uncomfortable because of one unsettling element.

Are you able to see it? We don’t blame you; it’s quite simple to miss. Here’s a hint: look at the image’s left side.
Congrats if you’ve discovered it! How peculiar is that?

In case you missed it, have a look at the smaller child’s arm. Who is holding it with their hand?

RelayHero reports that a lot of people have developed theories on the phantom arm.

The first is that a ghost is the owner of the hand. It appears to arouse some sort of belief in the supernatural, whether or not you are a spiritual person.

The second is a little more realistic. Some people think that the middle, older child was digitally added to the picture using a clever computer program, and that it’s actually the mother’s arm.

Look it over again and make your own judgment.
In any case, this is undoubtedly strange and eerie. We are curious about this family and whether they have any answers. Whose arm is that?

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