Science Shows This 43-Year-Old Model Has The ‘Perfect Body’—But Wait Till She Turns

Science often reveals new facts that can be confusing to us, just as often as it verifies what we already know to be true.

A few recent scientific investigations have shown that the “ideal figure” may belong to a 43-year-old model.

All were taken aback by her unexpected entrance. Continue reading to find out more about her!

The conventional wisdom has long claimed that an exceptionally slender person, such as a fashion model, is the ideal feminine body type.

But prepare for a mind-blowing experience.

Beauty standards are always evolving. The ideal of beauty has shifted from Marilyn Monroe’s voluptuous figure to Kate Moss’s extremely slender one.

Because of this ideal, women with an hourglass body are admired by all.

But a recent Texas University study challenges this widely accepted belief.

The findings indicate that women prefer “fuller” and “curvier” body types.

The ideal body mass index, as determined by the data, is 18.85, with a bust measurement of 93 centimeters, a waist measurement of 61 centimeters, and hip measurements of 87 centimeters.

The study also showed that a hip-to-waist ratio of.65 to.75 is considered healthy.

These features are almost a perfect fit for the Kelly Brook model, which is British.

Despite the fact that society may view her as “plump” by today’s standards of beauty, study indicates that males find her shape to be most beautiful.

However, appearance is ultimately a subjective concept. People have different tastes in art and have different ideas about what is attractive.

Kelly Brook on Instagram

The scientifically optimal body type may have been identified by this study, but that doesn’t make the less ideal forms unattractive or undesirable.

This study just shows that there is disagreement among scientists regarding the conventional definition of feminine beauty, which is thinness.

Realizing that this study shows the diversity in what we find appealing is especially important given how important it is to value diversity in the modern world.

The standards of the modeling industry state that plus-size women are just as beautiful as regular models.

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