When the child’s mother arrived home from work, she found her child almost suffocated from crying!

The mother of the toddler discovered her sobbing infant nearly smothered and had big blisters on the bottoms of her feet when she got home from work.

Unaware of what had transpired, she checked the security cameras to see what had happened while she was gone. She was appalled to see that the nanny, to whom she had given the most valuable possession of her life, had endangered the child’s life.

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The youngster that the 36-year-old nanny from Bladensburg, Maryland, was supposedly watching over started crying while she was preparing tortillas, a specialty of Mexico, in a skillet with heated oil. Outraged, the nanny thought that holding the youngster in her arms and submerging her feet in boiling oil would get him to stop talking.

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The wife dialed the ambulance and the police right away. The child’s legs are burned in the second degree. You know, it’s amazing that there are individuals that are like that.

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