Queen Camilla’s sister Annabel Elliot reveals rare details about King Charles’ marriage

The relationship between Prince Charles and his present wife, Camilla, was one of the largest scandals involving the British Royal Family, which at the time rocked the monarchy to its core.

When the world and the country learned of their romance, they were both married to other people.

The public disapproved of their connection because they believed Camilla was to blame for the breakup of the heir apparent’s marriage to Lady Di, the princess who captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide, not just Britons.

Diana told Martin Bashir during a televised interview the reasons behind her marriage’s issues, stating, “Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”

Charles and Camilla’s love is obviously genuine because it started before he even met Diana.

But their closeness never wavered. Even after Charles married Diana, he and Camilla remained friends.

Charles knew he wasn’t in love with Diana, his future bride, but it was too late to break off the engagement, claims royal author Penny Junior.

Although there had no other choice, Charles wasn’t sure he was marrying Diana for the right reasons. She wrote, “He put on a brave front, encouraged by the idea that their marriage would change things,” as the Mirror stated.

Above all, Camilla and Diana were acquainted and cordial before the bad things happened.

“I quickly got to know Camilla.” Diana said, “I was introduced to the circle, but I was a threat,” in the book Diana: In Her Own Words. Despite my early age, I posed a threat.

Charles is the King of Britain now, and Camilla is the Queen.

Over time, Camilla gained the affection of the British public, and her reputation has only grown. The couple is still happily married and Camilla is the head of state, despite the fact that she used to be afraid to leave her home for fear of the public’s reaction when her affair was revealed.

In an interview with OK Magazine, royal analyst and author of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: A Royal Survivor, Angela Levin, stated that once the affair became public, Camilla had to endure “torrents” of hatred from the public. She never even went shopping because her friends ran her errands for her.

It was tough for her because she was represented as the ugliest woman in the world. Levin asserted that because she was frequently called a “rottweiler,” it must have shocked her much that people had such terrible opinions about her.

It was revealed that Charles had been paying for Camilla’s safety for years, or until the couple married in 2005. It’s possible that Charles was unaware of how awful it was for her. Because she wasn’t a part of the Royal Family, Camilla didn’t have protection officers at the time, and he was always traveling for business while putting in a lot of effort for the country and Commonwealth. But until he finally realized, Charles did secure her protection—which he paid for himself,” Levine revealed.

Throughout her journey to become a part of the royal family, Queen Camilla has consistently had her husband’s backing.Another person who was Camilla’s constant companion was Annabel Elliot.

Annabel and Camilla are the closest of friends, even though they are sisters. 2014 saw Annabel Elliot, an interior designer and antiques dealer based in Dorset, for more than thirty years. She was named the sixth most well-known female interior designer in the UK.


When Charles and Camilla took their first public portrait together at Annabel’s 50th birthday celebration, they stole the show. Later, following Charles and Diana’s divorce, Annabel was the one driving the car that swiftly whisked Camilla away from the notorious paparazzi press and out of the public view.

Over time, Annabel had a close relationship with the royal family, especially with Charles, with whom she had apparently periodically disagreed, especially when she believed he was trying to take on the majority of the tasks for which she was paid.According to Annabel, “He always likes to be completely involved and know what’s being suggested” in the 2012 ITV documentary The Royal Restoration.

“He’s looking over each document and asking, ‘What’s this for?'”That’s for a chair, correct? Where’s that coming from? Does it have nylon in it? Duvets are not to his taste.

Annabel spoke openly about her relationship with Camilla and her family after the release of the new BBC1 documentary Charles III: The Coronation Year. She referred to her sister as King Charles’ “rock” during many stressful and challenging moments.

I can’t express how much she is his rock enough. In the documentary, Annabel said of the subject, “She is a totally devoted person who doesn’t experience extreme highs and lows.”

The queen’s sister went on, “He brings to her everything.” Not that I’m talking about anything else, but you know, he’s really intelligent and interested in a lot of other things, things that she probably wouldn’t have been open to if they hadn’t met. It functions effectively despite the fact that they are utter opposites and each other’s yin and yang.

The Prince of Wales at the time employed Annabel to work on Llwywormwood, his new home in Wales, which he paid more than £1 million for in 2006.The Telegraph at the time disclosed that Charles’ sister-in-law was paid about $380,000 for her services from 2005 to 2008. Charles did not view this as cronyism, despite the opinion of some MPs.

There was no tender in place. The Prince knows and likes her very much.”Annabel Elliot is an experienced interior designer,” a Clarence House spokesman said at the time.

On other instances, Annabel worked for the royal family. After supervising a project to convert a “run-down barn building” on the grounds of Dumfries House in Ayrshire, Scotland, into an opulent guesthouse, she was named Charles’ principal interior designer in 2012. In addition, she built twelve cottages for the Duchy of Cornwall.

Even now, Camilla and Annabel remain very close.

Simon Elliot and Annabel have been wed since 1972. Ben Elliot, a businessman and Conservative Party fundraiser who co-chaired the party from July 2019 to September 2022, is one of the couple’s three children together.

Annabel had, of course, gone to see King Charles crowned the year before.

When I was two years old, I watched the Queen’s Coronation on a tiny black-and-white television and remembered seeing my sister in this golden vehicle. I’m not sure how to explain the strange emotion I’m experiencing. It is not feasible to do this. Annabel said it was an unforgettable moment.

Since she’s much smaller than I am, I suppose I was terrified to enter the Abbey at all. I wonder, “Is she going to be okay?”

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