What does a little Japanese baby with a lion’s mane look like after 4 years

At the end of December 2017, a little Japanese girl named Chanko was born. Her parents were immediately aware that their kid was unique. Her head was a massive tangle of blue-black hair. Yes, a lot of baby girls may boast about having big hair. But after two to four months, the initial hairs are usually feeble and fall out, to be replaced by permanent hair.

But Chanco had been lucky. At four months old, she still had a real dark lion’s mane. And even at six months old, the haircut was virtually the same as it was at birth. Mani Kano, a black-haired Japanese woman, decided to take advantage of her daughter’s amazing innate talent.

She made Chanko his own Instagram account and shared pictures of a special girl there. And the baby was immediately noticed by all. She has more than 360 thousand subscribers as of right now. All people are simply infatuated by the hair of a petite Japanese woman. Chanko was observed by more people than just typical Internet users.

The girl’s pictures were attracting the interest of media outlets and advertising agencies as they went viral so rapidly, not just in Japan but also on the international network. Chanko was selected to appear in a commercial for the well-known Pantene shampoo company even at the tender age of one. In this ad, the girl starred with Japanese actress Sato Kondo and national celebrity. Chanko turned four years old today.

She is growing swiftly and is surrounded by the love of her parents and fans. The baby still has a remarkable amount of hair, but it has lightened and thinned. The youngster has been invited to numerous Japanese TV shows and events, participates in photo shoots for fashion magazines, and, judging from her Instagram page, seems to have had a busy and happy childhood.

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