77-year-old grandma stands at ATM when 3 men appear: Seconds later, they realize they chose the wrong pensioner to rob

It’s safe to conclude that the majority of people have exceptional relationships with their grandparents. Generally speaking, they are a little less rigid with rules than our parents, but they are still nice and considerate.

My grandparents took me on thrilling trips, helped me bake, and allowed me eat as much candy as I wanted.

Even though it was just a short stroll into the woods behind her house, my grandmother managed to transform it into a fantastic pirate adventure where the treasure was concealed behind each stone.

As I grew older, I understood that there were no pirates or riches hidden behind the stones behind Grandma’s house. However, what stayed with me was her ability to elevate the ordinary to the spectacular.

Another thing that young children learn about grandparents is that it is useless to play games with them. You are aware of how it will conclude. That is most definitely the case if you come across Winifred Peel, a 77-year-old Wirral, UK resident.

Winifred, a pensioner, went to a cash machine one day to take out some cash.

She saw someone approaching from behind her as she stood there protecting her pin. Two men had knocked her off balance before she could react. Then there was a second man.

Winifred was approached by someone who attempted to take £200 out of her account.

Moving quickly

The men were robbers, and they would empty Winifred’s account of all the funds if she did not take immediate action.

But Winifred made a strategy and implemented it when one of the men attempted to take out cash.

Grabbing the man’s collar, she used all her strength to slam his head on the ATM.

Before the robbers were forced to rush away like dogs with their tails between their legs, she was able to strike the man’s head three times against the machine.

After that, Winifred called the police, and the attackers were taken into custody later that day.

The fact that one of the men had a head wound from Winifred’s defensive move contributed to the ease with which the police were able to identify the individuals. Piper Dumitru, Florin Gebelscu, and Felix Stoica were named as them. After entering guilty pleas in court, all three of them were imprisoned.

The prosecutor claimed that the robbers drove to the village in search of simple prey.

“They did not care about how this would affect me,” Winifred claimed, as per British source Metro.”It has definitely changed my life, and I will never be as confident as I once was.”

Fortunately, Winifred had a level of tenacity the burglars hadn’t anticipated because she had grown up with three brothers and attended the gym four days a week.

Forward, Winifred! I hope she made them jerks pay for what they did.

Naturally, it is never a good idea to rob someone, but three young men taking advantage of a grandma who is 77 years old? That is just really shameless.

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