Adorably Renovated Historic Tiny House with Barbie flair

Mallory, a twentysomething, resides in a distinctive little house on a foundation. It’s known to her as “Mal’s Mushroom House.” This fairly large 500-square-foot cobblestone house with colorful flare was built in the 1930s. She gave it a cute makeover with accent walls, storage ideas for small spaces, and décor reminiscent of Barbie.

“When I first toured it, it was, I mean, everything was gray, like everything in here was gray, the walls, the floor. There was not a lot in here. Truly, I only had to change things cosmetically because everything was functioning. It was perfectly livable, although there are a lot of appliances I don’t have. So while not ideal, it was in perfect shape.” -Mallory, @malloryrankin

You’ll notice Mallory’s unique kitchen as soon as you walk into her historic tiny house. She designed vibrant accent walls that would fit right in with Barbie’s ideal home. The same applies to pink-painted cabinetry and a pink refrigerator. Mallory also covered countertops with a weatherproof peel-and-stick glue in the manner of granite.

Mallory decorated the entire tiny house with fanciful mushroom decorations. The majority of these are pastel and pink hues to go with her Barbie ideas. A warm stone fireplace in the living area creates the atmosphere of a log home in the woods. She carried over the kitchen’s accent wall motif there. Mallory also created a painting with flowing paint on the wall behind the couch.

The theme of her lofted bedroom is more mushrooms. It can accommodate a queen-size bed, dresser, and portable air conditioner and is standing height. Mallory threw in a quirky nightstand. She made use of an imaginative flat-based hanging plant stand.Unexpectedly, there is a large walk-in wardrobe to the side of the bedroom that is ideal for the fashionista!

It’s crucial to remember that this charming compact house didn’t require major renovations or repairs when it was bought for less than its market worth. Mallory, however, made the aesthetic decision to update the house in order to add their artistic touch. Because of the current state of the housing market, it still amounted to about $172,000. But it’s nearly $200,000 less expensive than the typical Wisconsin home!

Not everyone is a fan of the Barbie meets woodland fairytale house style. Though many fans of tiny homes will undoubtedly recognize the ingenuity used to create a warm, inviting home that is a true expression of its owner.

Take a look at her charming Barbie-themed Tiny House tour!


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