After divorce, woman quits her job, sold everything, downsized, and moved into a modern tiny house on wheels

Who you are, who you were, and where you aspire to go are all reflected in your house. A house is a holy place that needs to be functional and tailored to your way of living.

And as the outside world has demonstrated, there are a few homeowners who never cease to astound us with their ingenious and well-planned shelter.

Kari’s modest house is a reflection of her personality and past. She sold everything she owned, save for a few boxes, when she got divorced and quit her job. Kari was able to make a new beginning and reassess her priorities in life.

She went on a 15-month trip throughout Europe, documenting every step of the way on a blog, using her severance package as fuel for her new beginning.

During her travels, Kari lived in a lot of modest places, such a shepherd’s bothy on an island off the coast of Iona, Scotland.

She spent a few months living in this tiny house, and because of its practicality and ease, she was motivated to move into a contemporary tiny house of her own.

Her father, an architect, and she worked together to design the house she currently lives in. “My dad started working on some plans while I was away because he is a retired architect. And he showed them to me when I came home, and then we began working together. stated Kari.

The little house is 24 feet long and 8.5 feet wide. The contemporary little cottage is situated in Kari’s friend Tom’s front yard. Kari can easily stroll to her friend’s house and the city from her parking place, which is ideally close to downtown Portland.

The first thing you’ll notice about the house is its patterned chocolate-brown metal walls, which go well with the surrounding trees and plants that surround Kari’s living area.

You can see the Scandinavian influence in the interior design and furnishings.

Russian birch is used to make the interior walls, cabinets, and ceiling. Kari’s contemporary tiny house has a consistent theme of light wood throughout.

Despite the fact that everything is in one area, everything fits together to create a tidy and cozy atmosphere.

“I anticipated spending a significant amount of time here. I wanted there to be a lot of light and brightness because I live here and work from home. To me, that was really significant. stated Kari.

Due to her spatial constraints, Kari used her couch and boxes as a place to store her winter gear, hiking supplies, and sentimental items.

It was difficult for Kari, a 6-foot-3 woman, to figure out an arrangement that would let her sit on her bed and stand in the living room. Her bed has a remote control to lower it in order to solve this issue.

She spends most of her time working and unwinding in her comfortable haven of a home when the bed is raised.

The kitchen’s elevated counters tuck the sink, stove, and oven that run on propane inside. Her full-size wardrobe is neatly positioned across from a separate area where she has her modest refrigerator, pantry, and washer kept.

The toilet in Kari’s bathroom has a tiny sink above it. Her personal hygiene products and makeup are neatly arranged on a recessed organizer at the end of her side-lit mirror.

When you make a visit in Kari’s small residence, her shower area will take you by surprise. To get to the bathing area, you have to push her wardrobe sideways.

As a result, my dad’s research revealed that the showers are a remarkably underutilized square footage of space. When I need to take a shower, I roll this full-size wardrobe out of the way that rests over my shower for the most of the day. Kari gave an explanation.

Following her divorce, Kari downsized her house, which freed her up to follow her passions for writing, painting, and traveling. Ironically, Kari’s contemporary modest house gives her more room in her life for the important things.

Watch the video below to take a self-guided tour of the house:

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