Dogs destined to be killed are put into trailers – when doors open, new owners can’t believe their eyes

There are a lot of unwanted dogs in our world; they were either abandoned by their owners or have been strayed since infancy. Unfortunately, not every one of these puppies is able to find a home, even though many end up in shelters. The pets are frequently put to sleep since there isn’t always enough time or money. Breaks my heart.

Texas resident Tracy Whyatt, who adores dogs, feels the same way. She basically decided to take action since she was sick of seeing or hearing about so many abandoned dogs. She and her spouse, Scott, began traveling throughout Texas to various shelters for the dead. They started to rescue poor dogs who had been slated to die — by finding them homes all throughout the country.

This became their full-time work after that, and they founded Tracy’s pets with the goal of saving as many unwanted pets as they could. Up till now, Tracy and Scott have assisted 3,700 dogs in finding homes and owners. dogs that nowadays would never have survived.

The HooplaHa – Only Good News video, which is located below, has all of this information. We can’t stop smiling at the expressions on these families’ faces when they see their new pets. This is one of the Facebook comments regarding the video:

“I have never seen so many gorgeous dogs get adopted on the same day; I sobbed with joy for the majority of this video. The majority of the dogs appeared to be aware that they would never have to worry again because they were finally returning home to their everlasting family. It is unbelievable to me that these dogs would not be alive today if it weren’t for your assistance. The most endearing thing I have seen in a long time is this.

Here’s the video. This is so adorable that I’m trying not to cry:

Please visit their website to learn more about Tracy’s Dogs and how you may become a canine adoptive parent.

Tracy is a true hero who makes her livelihood physically rescuing lives.Kindly forward to your friends. This might encourage people to adopt a dog instead of purchasing one.

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