Inside Tom Selleck’s “Retreat” Home: A Tranquil Oasis Since 1988

The well-known Hollywood actor Tom Selleck has won over many Americans’ hearts with his amazing performances and endearing demeanor. However, he finds comfort in one spot amidst the flash and glamour of the entertainment industry: his long-term home. Come along with us as we explore Tom Selleck’s world and reveal the mysteries of his tranquil haven.

Tom Selleck has lived in California for more than thirty years, enjoying the lifestyle of a rancher. It should come as no surprise that he feels that living on a ranch gives him a sense of balance and peace because he and his spouse genuinely love their remote sanctuary.


Initiating his career in the entertainment sector in the 1960s, Selleck—who was born in Detroit in January 1945—started off with modest roles in television and film. His big break, though, came when he played Hawaii-based investigator Thomas Magnum on the popular television series Magnum PI. In addition to gaining Selleck great recognition, this legendary role helped him win a Primetime Emmy Award, which further advanced his career.

Selleck then proceeded to wow viewers with prominent parts in hit series like Friends and The Closer. He currently stars in the highly acclaimed television series “Blue Bloods,” sharing the screen with such greats as Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan. After an astounding 13 seasons of success, the show has grown in popularity among fans.

Even after being well-known, Selleck maintains his modesty and cherishes moderation in his life. He values his personal life just as much as his work, which caused him to make a pivotal choice in 1987. Selleck made the decision to leave Magnum PI in order to focus on living a more satisfying life.

It wasn’t until he left the show that Selleck realized how much attention and notoriety it had earned him. “I knew intellectually what it would mean in terms of being a public person, but until you’ve lived it, there’s no way to understand it,” he said in reflection.

Selleck’s choice to withdraw from public life came at the same time as a big turning point in his own life. Shortly after leaving Magnum PI, he married Jillie Joan Mack, his adoring wife. Selleck had met his match when he described her as having an effervescent character that can light up a room.

Together, they bought a Ventura, California ranch that had previously belonged to the illustrious Dean Martin. The vast property has more than 1,500 native trees, which provide a breathtaking backdrop for their tranquil way of life. While Selleck is away in New York filming “Blue Bloods,” his spouse Mack looks after the property. Even though Mack gave up her own work, she still finds immense happiness in hanging out with the animals and taking in the breathtaking scenery of the ranch.

In Selleck’s heart, the ranch is especially meaningful since it provides him with a haven where he can restore his energy and feel like a stranger. The peace and quiet of the property helped Selleck to focus when he was confronted with speculations about his career. “I left Magnum to start a family,” he said, recognizing the value of establishing a life away from the limelight of Hollywood. The ranch was essential to keeping him balanced and mentally calm, even if the adjustment took some time.

Hannah was born in 1988, and Selleck and Mack have been blissfully married for more than 30 years. Surrounded by the splendor of nature, they thought their ranch would be the ideal setting for their daughter to grow up.

Put his personal life first and Selleck found that when his marriage received the care it needed, it flourished. He realized how much his relationship had benefited from his leaving Hollywood to take care of his family.


Selleck’s personal life has improved as a result of leading a tranquil existence on the ranch, but it is not without difficulties. Everything on the property is done by Selleck, including plant and road maintenance. But the drought in California proved to be a major hindrance when it harmed his prized avocado bushes.

Selleck had made money selling avocados in the past, but as water shortage became a problem, it got harder and harder to maintain this business. Notwithstanding the challenges, Selleck persists and manages to adjust and continue living on a ranch.


Even well-known public personalities like Tom Selleck have unexpected turns in their lives from time to time. He and his spouse became involved in a controversy a few years ago. They caused a commotion and raised eyebrows when they were accused of collecting large amounts of water from a nearby construction site’s hydrant.

The water from the hydrant to Selleck’s house was purportedly transported by him in about 12 trips over a two-year period using a huge truck similar to one used by water tenders, according to the Calleguas Municipal Water District. It was unclear how much water was taken in total, and it was also unclear if any more visits were made without being reported. Authorities allegedly sent Selleck two cease-and-desist letters in late 2013, but his suspected improper use of water continued.

Consequently, in addition to additional damages, the actor was had to reimburse the $21,000 cost of the private investigation. Moreover, he was forbidden from collecting any further water from the Calleguas Municipal Water District.

Even with the difficulties and issues, rancher Tom Selleck is incredibly happy and fulfilled in his life. His hideaway in California is a safe haven where he can be himself and pursue his own goals in life. Together, we can honor his achievements and regale other fans of Tom Selleck with the details of his private life and home.

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