Keith Urban Has Returned Home After Prostate Cancer Therapy

Keith Urban was spotted by paparazzi at Sydney Airport last night. This has made a lot of people believe that he might be the much awaited “It’s A Bloke Thing” lunchtime entertainer in Toowoomba.

He landed at Wellcamp Airport later that day to a throng of 500 ecstatic attendees, all of whom had paid $1 to be a part of this historic occasion aimed at increasing money and awareness for prostate cancer research.

Urban is passionate about this topic because his father, Robert, passed away from the illness in December 2015, and other family members have also been impacted.

Renowned country singer-songwriter Keith Urban recently made a trip back to Australia to promote the It’s a Bloke Thing Foundation.

This charity event has raised millions of dollars to support prostate cancer awareness and research since it began seven years ago.

Donations to this wonderful effort exceeded $1.53 million in 2017, thanks to the generosity of the local community.

These days, it is thought to be among the best noon fundraising initiatives in the country.

Thanks to Keith’s kind donation of his time, the lunchtime fundraising event was able to surpass its previous record of $2,024,000.00.

His selfless acts of kindness raised a sizable sum of money for the charitable cause and greatly aided in the success of the event.

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