Candace Cameron Bure Reluctant to Apologize After Backlash Over ‘Inappropriate’ Photos With Husband

Recently, Candace Cameron Bure has received a lot of media attention.

The actress recently made headlines for remarks she made on “traditional marriage,” and not everyone agreed with them.The actress uploaded a photo with her husband that has gone viral recently.

Valerie Bure and Candace Cameron Bure fell in love in 1994 at a hockey game. And two years later, on June 22, 1996, they tied the knot and became a married pair.

The couple puts a lot of effort into keeping the flame alive and is still incredibly in love after more than 20 years of marriage.

An Instagram story that Bure posted revealed how carefree their marriage was. But the comedy was seen by some as “inappropriate,” and the actress took a lot of heat for it.Bure also refused to back down in the face of opposition.

Rather, she took a risk and uploaded the picture to her Instagram. The woman shared two pictures of herself and her spouse that captured the “sweet and spicy” aspect of their relationship.

Valerie is putting his hand on his wife’s breast and holding her by the shoulder in the second picture.

Fans complained to her that, given her status as a “Christian celebrity,” the photo was a touch too “racy.” However, the actress responded to those who were offended. “I apologize if it offended you,” she said. In a second video that she posted to her Instagram stories, she apologized, chuckling. “I’m happy that after all these years, we still have fun together.”

She claimed that all she was doing was showing what a “good and healthy marriage” lasted for 24 years.

She added, “It makes me laugh because it’s my husband,” in her subsequent Instagram story video. “I hope he touches me anytime he wants to because he can.”

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