People laughed at this mother when she told them that she makes her 7-year-old boy clean, and that she teaches him how to cook and do laundry.

Mom faced backlash for sharing photos of her child doing household chores like cooking and cleaning on the internet. Although she believed she was imparting life lessons and fostering family bonding, individuals in her social media network voiced worries about the possible effects on the child’s privacy and emotional health.

Social media posts on a child’s tasks, according to critics, could unintentionally put pressure on the youngster to live up to an idealized image, setting up false expectations for other parents. Some people questioned if the child was genuinely enjoying helping out around the house or if it was just something they were doing to get approval on social media. Concerns were also expressed over the child’s consent and their comprehension of the consequences of sharing their everyday activities with a potentially large online audience.


Mom paused to consider her conduct after receiving criticism. She took into account the opinions of individuals who had condemned her and realized how crucial it was to find a balance between protecting her child’s privacy and sharing special moments with her family.

Taking the criticism to heart, Mom made the conscious decision to submit stuff online with more consideration. Her focus shifted to sharing generic parenting stories rather than highlighting her child’s contributions to the home. Additionally, Mom began to interact more with her audience, asking for advice and offering parenting pointers without putting her kid in the center of attention.


Mom eventually discovered a better way to strike a balance between protecting her child’s privacy and sharing her parenting journey. She came to see that sharing details of her child’s life publicly did not always equate to being transparent about her experiences as a parent. Rather, she made the decision to highlight the rewards and difficulties of being a parent while preserving her child’s sense of independence.

Mom learned an important lesson from the criticism, which made her reevaluate her social media presence and think about the potential long-term effects on her child. Mom was able to keep up her online presence while honoring her child’s right to privacy and giving them room to develop without the continual scrutiny of a digital audience by making deliberate changes and adopting a more mindful approach to sharing.

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