Woman buys vintage RV for $1900 and turns it into cozy dream home on wheels

Not everyone wants a huge house that comes with a high mortgage.

Some people prefer to live unconventional lives and aspire to greater independence.



That’s just what happened to one woman when she bought an antique RV.

Jessy Muller found a 1978 Dodge Commander on Craigslist, which is how it all began.

It was a new way of living and a canvas for creation, not just an old RV.

Even better, she only had to pay $1,900 to purchase the antique treasure.

She saw past the rust and dust, seeing past its age and battered state to a timeless appeal restored.

Initially, Jessy had to redesign the interior.

The antiquated camper seats was replaced with furniture that was both useful and compact.

She was motivated by the idea of an airy, open, and simple living area that exuded simplicity and freedom.

She turned the RV into a comfortable house by adding a flip table and creative storage options that combined practicality with a unique flair.

She gave “Tiny Home Tours” access to her Commander a few years back so they could take a closer look.

As a tribute to the RV’s lengthy past, Jessy retained the original 1978 shag carpet in the driver’s seat.

Adding a drop-down bed allowed her to cleverly add more sleeping space without enlarging the living area.

Her comfort driving a car of this size and age demonstrated her appreciation of classic charm and her ability to adjust to new situations.

Jessy’s resourcefulness was evident in how she handled the RV’s amenities.

By replacing her outdated fluorescent lighting with LED fixtures, she was able to drastically reduce her electricity use.

Her solar power system, which ran on two six-volt golf cart batteries, demonstrated her environmentally conscious attitude.

More than just economical, this sustainable arrangement made a statement about living simply and conscientiously.

It was amazing how the kitchen was transformed.

Reviving the area, Jessy installed a large basin sink and a new countertop that she found on Craigslist.

Just before she left, the fridge in the RV broke down. She quickly solved the issue, demonstrating her quick thinking.

She also put child locks on the cabinets, which was a clever solution to a common issue with RVs.

When she was in the bathroom, Jessy was really creative.

She renovated the space to incorporate a roomy shower and took out the original toilet to make room for a composting one.

This was a deliberate decision to live a more sustainable lifestyle rather than merely making a comforting change.

Using used slats to conceal the former restroom was just one instance of her creative problem-solving.

With Jessy taking care of the serious water damage, the bedroom underwent a complete makeover.

She developed and constructed a bed platform with plenty of storage beneath, as well as new walls and ceiling.

Her own touch of elegance was added when a reused vanity from the original bathroom was added.

Over the course of a year, Jessy did more than just make a few cosmetic changes to her RV, which she lovingly named Mandor.

It was a voyage of self-awareness, education, and conquering challenges.

Despite having no prior knowledge of plumbing, electricity, or carpentry, she jumped right into the project and learned from her mistakes by being persistent.

Jessy explores the nation in a Mander and posts about her experiences on her “slowroamer” Instagram profile.

Are you prepared to be motivated? Watch the video below to see the entire tour!

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