Woman in her 60s shows how she gets by living in a tiny home without a mortgage

Imagine living a life in which the idea of a mortgage is a thing of the past, the wide open spaces of nature serve as your everyday backdrop, and the sound of birds chirping serves as your morning alarm.

Hillary has created this life for herself.


She is a real example of how you can reframe your life and embrace simplicity at any age, as she is 68 years old.

Her tiny house, tucked away in the woods, is a tribute to creative thinking and the skill of downsizing.

Hillary’s house, dubbed the “kitty condo” with affection, is a work of utilitarian and artistic beauty.

The living area features a unique red door that adds a pop of color, and a couch that can be used as a bed for visitors.

Previously composed entirely of wood, the kitchen now features granite countertops, mocha cappuccino cabinets, and a four-burner gas stove.

Every space is used with consideration, from the shutters that block the summer sun to the storage found inside furniture pieces.

However, Hillary’s path up until this moment is what really grabs attention.

She had to deal with the financial difficulties that come with having only one source of income while raising three children.

Even though he was a law enforcement officer, the goal of a nice retirement appeared unattainable.

The answer? A cash purchase of a little house freed from the weight of a large mortgage.

She was able to retire comfortably as a result of this choice, demonstrating that occasionally thinking outside the box may produce the most satisfying results.

The design of the house combines a personal touch with functionality.

A safe rail-equipped stairs opens onto a comfortable loft bedroom. It nearly feels like you’re sleeping outside thanks to the three windows that let in cross winds.

The bathroom is small but fully functional, with a large medicine cabinet and a low-maintenance toilet.

Furthermore, Hillary is an expert in storage for individuals who are worried about it. She has a fridge, a closet, and even dry goods stored in a shed outside her house.

Hillary’s backyard is just as charming.

A deck provides a front-row view to the beauties of nature and is ideal for morning coffee and late reading.

The wildlife, which includes mountain lions and coyotes, never ceases to fascinate.

The yard was originally just red dirt, but now it’s a peaceful haven with pavers, gravel, and artificial turf.

Even though it was difficult, Hillary’s downsizing process was a voyage of self-discovery.

Selling a large portion of the belongings in a three-bedroom home and changing one’s perspective were necessary. However, the moments immortalized in pictures endure.

The end effect is a life devoid of mental and physical clutter.
Hillary’s tale demonstrates tenacity and willpower.

It’s about redefinition of success and happiness found in unlikely places.

Her life has found a rhythm in the peace and quiet of nature, having previously been dominated by the hectic demands of managing a career and raising children.

Hillary considers her journey as the sun sets and her modest home takes on a golden glow.

Her journey from having high dreams to realizing them is proof of the strength of optimism and tenacity.

What counsel would she provide others? Do your homework, start with a dream, and never let those who doubt you stop you.

Hillary’s little, mortgage-free home is full with moments, memories, and experiences that money cannot purchase in a world where people are driven by a need for more.

It’s a life of ease, happiness, and limitless opportunities.

And as she puts it, “Dream your dreams, make it happen, and you will love it,” which is really appropriate.

See Hilary’s tiny house tour and discover more about her minimalist lifestyle down below!

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