Mark Wahlberg’s Super Bowl appearance leaves people ’embarrassed’ – and everyone is saying the same thing

What a fantastic Super Bowl! In addition to the game, fans from all around the country and the world are seeing this amazing event because of the captivating narrative that is developing off the field.

Fans were ecstatic to see the highly anticipated Deadpool 3 trailer and funny performances by some of the best talent in the country. There’s also a lot of attention paid to the advertising, which are frequently highly anticipated.

A lot of people said that Mark Wahlberg and actor Jonathan Roumie from TBN’s The Chosen appeared in one of the most surprising commercials of the evening.

The two promoted the Catholic app Hallow. Throughout the 30-second ad, Wahlberg could be heard saying, “God, we take this moment just to give You thanks.” The message that appeared on the screen said, “For the first time ever, join over 100 million people in prayer during Super Bowl LVIII.”

In a press release issued before the commercial aired, co-founder and CEO of Hallow Alex Jones said, “The goal at Hallow has always been to reach out to as many folks as possible, both those who take their faith seriously and especially those who might have fallen away, and invite them deeper into a relationship with God.”

“When we heard about the timing of this year’s Big Game, we couldn’t have been more excited to work with Mark and Jonathan to use it as an opportunity to invite millions of people to pray.”

Since its launch in 2018, the Hallow app, which enables on-the-go prayer, has been downloaded 10 million times in 150 countries.

Wahlberg has already spoken out about his faith and often stated that he is a devoted Christian.

I don’t want to force my faith on anyone, but I also don’t deny it. It’s an even larger sin,” he said the year before.

“You know, even though my industry doesn’t embrace it, I can’t deny my faith. I believe that people need to be made aware of that. But it’s equally important to respect and value my friends from different backgrounds and ideologies

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Not that anyone has ever been against him for his faith (in fact, many like his openness about it), but most people found his Super Bowl commercial to be insulting.

“Mark Wahlberg deserves our congratulations for making sure Ben Affleck didn’t make Boston look bad during the Super Bowl,” one commentator said.

Another reader stated, “Somehow, the Mark Wahlberg commercial is at the top of my list of the weirdest Super Bowl commercials to date.”

“Did Mark Wahlberg just say to stay prayed up?” asked a third party.

What are your thoughts on the advertisement?

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