The father takes a picture of his daughter next to a horse. On closer inspection, he cannot believe what he sees

Taken during a baptism, wedding, vacation, or any other ordinary occasion, pictures are a great method to preserve any memory, no matter how happy or sad. Every photographer says, “I want to see you smiling,” making their subjects look content no matter how they are feeling.


A photographer can get a great shot for their collection with a little work, but if they are really fortunate, they will get a picture that people will speak about for days.


That’s exactly what happened to this young child, who, together with her horse pal, went from an everyday day spent with family to becoming a superstar.

When the photo was first posted to the Reddit website, it became viral, according to Time Magazine. Here was a girl spending time with her family on a lovely day in a festive atmosphere, surrounded by Clydesdale horses who galloped as if they were prepared for a parade.

She most likely spent some time in the presence of these magnificent animals, hesitant to approach them. After gathering her bravery, the girl stood waiting for the camera flash in front of this magnificent stallion.



Her father said, “Smile,” behind the camera. That was the instant the shutter closed on the camera, capturing the moment forever.

The father and the rest of the family were definitely not prepared for the outcome! The father was astounded to see what a beautiful image had been caught when they looked at the picture.

Originating in Scotland, the Clydesdale breed is known for producing large draft horses with a strong personality and high intelligence—a trait that is readily apparent, should this stallion choose to smile at the order!

This picture went viral after it was uploaded online, and BuzzFeed even named it one of the greatest pictures of 2016! We’re sure the girl’s family loves this picture just as much as we do!

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