This horse was very thankful so he showed it to the guy who saved him

There’s nothing fun about being restricted. This may be especially true for animals, as they have an innate need to move around freely and unhindered.

Regrettably, because of a common practice, this is not the case for many horses in Romania. Sometimes, horses’ front or hind legs are shackled to prevent them from running away.

Upon discovering a horse of this kind, veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu knew exactly what needed to be done.

When Ovidiu saw the shackled wild horse on the Danube delta, his heart broke. The thick shackles, which were even ripping at the horse’s flesh, prevented him from moving his legs.

No matter what he did, the horse was barely able to move.

Ovidiu was well aware of the extent to which horses crave freedom to gallop and roam. Thus, he acted immediately.

Keeping the horse alive

Ovidiu immediately got to work, grabbing his equipment. After drawing it forward, he manages to convince the monster to lie down.

Then he goes for his pliers and begins to work very carefully.

See the incredible rescue and the horse’s amazing reaction in the video below.

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