Boy, 5, survives savage attack by two dogs only to be called a ‘monster’ in public

Ryder Wells, who is only five years old, has already experienced more terror than most people will in a lifetime.

Despite all the odds, the North Carolina child managed to survive a vicious attack by two rottweilers in 2015 while spending Thanksgiving with family.

When he was assaulted by the two 100-pound dogs, he was just 21 months old. He had a fractured arm, a punctured lung, half of his face gone, and his teeth crushed.

Although his family didn’t think he would live, this little fighter survived, and he has since need almost 50 surgeries.

This adorable little boy now has to put up with hurtful remarks from kids and adults instead of receiving gratitude for surviving such a horrendous incident.

Even the adults used to gaze at Ryder when he first started school, according to his teaching assistant.

Mom Brittany told the publication The Mirror, “There’s a child who points and screams’monster’ at him before running away when we go to the park.”

“Someone said, ‘ww,’ to him the other day while he was out shopping. As a parent, it’s difficult and painful that despite everything he’s been through, people still have bad attitudes about things he can’t control.

“However, he is such a fighter; nothing can stop him.”

The fact that Ryder survived is referred regarded as a “miracle” because not even doctors predicted he would.

The Granite Falls mother, 31, is now anxious about her kid entering school.

He covers his face with a cap and spectacles, and occasionally he may hang his head. However, I simply remind him every day that he’s gorgeous, that being unique can be embraced, and that it’s okay to be unique.

“I try my best to reassure him, but I’m really afraid about him starting school. There will always be a small percentage of unkind children.

She now wants to spread awareness of the harm that bullying can do to a person who has a facial disfigurement and hopes that Ryder’s story will cause people to reconsider how they interact with people who are different from them.

To ensure that youngsters like Ryder have the happy lives they deserve, we must teach our children to be friendly to everyone, regardless of their appearance.

Kindly spread the word to let this young guy know how much you care and that he is gorgeous on the inside as well as the outside.

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