Mike Wolfe Suffers Terrible Loss on ‘American Pickers’

Mike Wolfe of “American Pickers” needs prayers at this trying time.

For more than ten years, American Pickers has been on, and viewers seem to enjoy it. Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, antique and collectible pickers, are featured. Frank Fritz is no longer on the show due to a serious back injury and a falling out with his co-host. The two set out to “pick” different objects for their own collections, for clients, or for resale around the United States.

They raid homes, garages, and basements in search of hidden gold.
Wolfe and Frank, one of the most well-known TV couples, have appeared in over 300 episodes together, but it appears that their love is over. Frank disclosed that it has been two years since they last communicated.


Frank had experienced some personal issues, and at the time, the doctors weren’t sure how long he had left. It seems that he is doing better than he was previously. He’s been sober for a while and has shed a good amount of weight.

According to Mike Wolfe, the program experienced a loss with the death of Bob Peterson, who had made numerous appearances on the show.

On Instagram, Wolfe posted a heartfelt remembrance of his friend that featured images and videos of Peterson. He acknowledged that Peterson was, in reality, Wolfe’s primary mentor and much more than just a frequent guest on the program.

“We lost a man a few days ago who served as a mentor to us. Not only with technological items, but also with the way we ought to conduct our lives. Bob served as an inspiration to us because he had a great love for life and embraced every day with fervor. With such determination and, of course, humor, always willing to provide a hand. He lived in a time that is now only romanticized in our minds. With him in it, my life and the lives of many others were better. We shall miss him terribly. My friend, you are loved,” wrote Wolfe.

Numerous viewers of the show expressed their sympathy and support. What a cool guy and what a sweet laugh. I’m sorry for your loss, my brother,” said a comment. “It was amazing to watch him and Robbie work on projects,” stated a another admirer.

We are deeply sorry for the loss of Bob Peterson. I hope he finds peace.

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