Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying a Rotisserie Chicken from Walmart

Do you enjoy the rotisserie chicken that Walmart sells? There are a few things you should know, particularly if you are between the ages of 45 and 65, before you go to the store to get another one.

It Matters What Size You Are

Despite the allure of the low price of $4.98, it’s important to remember that you will only be receiving less than 2 pounds of chicken. Yes, precisely one pound and thirteen ounces. So why not acquire a bigger bird for the same money if you can get a smaller one instead?

You’re in luck if you belong to Costco or Sam’s Club! Like Costco’s, Sam’s rotisserie chicken weighs an impressive three pounds. Not to be overlooked is the flavor component.

Taste Is Important Too

Walmart’s rotisserie chicken isn’t particularly tasty. Mixed reviews may be found on their product page, with some complaining of overcooked or undercooked chicken. However, taste tests repeatedly show that Costco’s incredibly tasty and juicy rotisserie chicken comes out on top. For those seeking a delectable choice, Costco is the best choice.

The Battle of Sodium

Now, Walmart does have a benefit if you’re worried about how much sodium you consume. When compared to Costco and Sam’s Club, their rotisserie chicken has a little greater salt level. Whole Foods does, however, have a lower sodium version with only 280 mg of sodium per 1/4 of a chicken if you’re truly managing your sodium intake.


Therefore, before you buy that rotisserie chicken at Walmart, give it some thought. For a more substantial, tasty selection, you might be better off visiting Costco or Sam’s Club. Whole Foods has everything you need if you’re watching how much sodium you eat.

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