My Husband’s Friend Accidentally Exposed That He Is Cheating on Me and I Took My Revenge Gracefully

Amy is looking forward to a relaxing day at home when she receives an unexpected voicemail that completely alters her perception of her marriage. She puts on a strong face and is anxious to give her husband what he deserves instead of crumbling.
I had spent six wonderful years with Mark. Because we shared an office, we had known one other for years. However, Mark was the building’s Casanova—he was never satisfied with one partner.
Still, Mark picked me for his partner when he was ready to settle down. And here we were, six years later, still in the honeymoon stage.

That is, I believed.

Mark informed me last weekend that he had to go into the office.
He said, “Amy, I just need to catch up on paperwork.” “Perhaps I’ll carry everything home so I can continue working.”
I said, “Do that.” “On a Saturday, nobody wants to be in their office.”
After giving me a forehead kiss and promising to bring Indian food home, Mark hurried out.
I came to the conclusion after a few hours that Mark had simply settled into his work and would only come back when he was finished.
I had nothing to complain about. With a cup of tea and a book, I wanted to curl up. I wanted to live by the new lesson that Saturdays were for self-care.
My phone buzzed a chapter into my book. I ignored it at first, but then I noticed Tom’s name flashing on the screen. We were like family to Tom, my husband’s best friend, so I was intrigued by his voicemail right away.
Tom answered the phone, “Hello.” “I’m a little behind schedule for our double date. Okay, so I’ll be there at 2:00 PM. Isn’t that Coachella?

Tom’s voice resounded in the quiet room, his usual happy tone.

My brow furrowed in confusion.

What is a double date? I pondered.
Mark hadn’t told me anything along those lines. All he said was that we could still spend the day together because he had work to do and would attempt to bring it home.
I reread the message in the hopes that I had misinterpreted it. However, Tom’s voice could be heard clearly as day, discussing a double date.
I hurriedly dressed after leaving my half-drunk cup of tea and open book on my bedside table. It was going on two o’clock. I didn’t want to think Mark was telling me lies.
If it weren’t true, though, then why would Tom bring up a double date? I pondered.
I moved onward because I had to get answers. I had to observe for myself what was going on.
It turned out that Coachella was an outdoor restaurant that made an effort to maintain the festival vibe with loud music and dangling décor. I had little trouble blending in with the surroundings.
I picked a private area where I could see the entrance well without drawing attention to myself. It was an excruciating wait, and the more I sat there, the more I looked forward to seeing Mark. In order to de-stress, I ordered a cocktail.
Then, as I had fervently hoped, Mark entered the room carrying a woman on his arm rather than by himself. She looked amazing, completely decked out in high-end clothing—the epitome of a Gucci mother.

My heart fell.

I observed Mark and his partner walk over to a table where Tom and his wife, Sasha, were sat; the table was nearly hidden by hanging plants. Both of them leaped up to give the delighted couple hugs. Clearly, Mark was the lone recipient of the voicemail.
I stayed to observe them for a short while longer, witnessing Mark give her a tender look and caress her neck with his fingertips.
However, amidst a flurry of feelings, a detached determination descended upon me. This was not the time for mourning, but for action. I calmly but firmly called over a waiter.
“The priciest champagne you have, for that table,” I said, subtly gesturing to Mark.
The waiter nodded and smiled slightly, detecting the undercurrent of drama and complying.
The bewilderment and forced smiles on their faces when the champagne was brought to their table was a minor win. Mark laughed, even above the music and conversation.
I quickly took a picture of them having their fictitious party and posted it to the internet, tagging Mark. I waited for a few minutes while still sipping my cocktail.
When Mark saw the notification, his response was priceless. His face became pale as he hurriedly looked around the room, but he was still unable to locate me. He tried phoning me in desperation. His calls went unanswered, and I watched, detached, while my phone rang.
I summoned the waiter over again, asking for another bottle of champagne and a piece of paper.
Cheers to a great double date and our divorce, I wrote, writing my signature at the bottom.
With a sense of betrayal and hurt, I exited the restaurant, my fleeting bravery vanishing.
That evening, Mark arrived home, packed his belongings, and announced his intention to visit Tom’s residence. He replied he was just having fun and apologized. It seems that he needed to release some steam after a stressful day at work.
We didn’t talk for a week after that. However, I believe it’s time for me to submit the divorce complaint.
How would you have responded if you had been in my position?

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