This GIrl Left Her Family at 14 to Pursue Music in Another Country — Now She’s World-Famous with Guinness Records

This small child’s mother was raised in a huge household of Albanian descent. Three years prior to her birth, her parents relocated from Albania to London. She spent a large portion of her early years living in London.

However, her parents announced their departure from London when she was eleven years old. Rather, they were returning to their original location. All of the girl’s friends were leaving her primary school to attend other institutions, but none of them were leaving the country.

The girl was thrilled to be going to Kosovo to be with her relatives, even with the major upheaval. She did inform her parents that she no longer wanted to live there three years later, at the age of fourteen. After transferring, she broke several Guinness World Records.

The Girl’s Formative Years


Although the daughter’s father was Kosovan, she was of Bosnian origin. Her parents went through a struggle in their native nation in the 1990s. Her paternal grandfather, the director of the Kosovo Institute of History, shared a home with her mother and father.

Although the grandfather of the girl was happy with his work, it came to an end when war broke out. She revealed:

Several historians were under pressure to alter Kosovo’s history when the Serbians took control of the region. To clarify, Kosovo never belonged to Yugoslavia; it was always a part of Serbia. Due to his refusal to write a history that he did not think to be accurate, my grandfather also lost his job. He was one of those men who just never did.

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The girl’s parents left Albania during the conflict and relocated to London in 1992. Their parents, however, continued to live in Kosovo and Bosnia. The daughter never got to say goodbye to his father because he died of a heart attack the year the war ended. The borders stayed shut. In 1995, in the midst of all the heartbreak they had endured, the couple relocated their daughter to northwest London.

The child said that she had watched her parents work her entire childhood. When they were forced to leave their home country, her mother aspired to become a lawyer and her father wanted to become a dentist. They were forced to work at bars and cafés because they were in London. They also returned to school.

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The youngster wasn’t always pleased with her name, which is Albanian for “love,” even if when she was younger she was proud of her parents. Although she is content with her name now, as a child she had hoped for a more well-known name. She felt different from other people because of her name.

Her parents’ peculiar appearance also caused her to endure embarrassment as a child. She didn’t find it funny when the boys and girls at school made remarks about how gorgeous her parents were.

She had ambitions and a strong will even as a little child. She believed that residing in Kosovo would prevent her from achieving her goal of being renowned.

She told her parents she wanted to go back to London someday when she sat them down. She clarified that while becoming a superstar was her desire, she was aware that she would never be able to achieve it outside of a place like London. Wanting to be at the heart of the activity, she decided to attend the Saturday classes at the Sylvia Young Theatre School. She acknowledged:

“As a Kosovo resident, I didn’t think I could do this on a global scale.”


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She tricked her parents into letting her go by pretending to be interested in studying English for her GCSEs and A-levels in order to be admitted to a prestigious British university.

When her parents gave in, she returned to London, enrolled in the Sylvia Young Theatre School, and started making demo cassettes. She then posted these recordings to YouTube and Soundcloud.

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The girl had to live up to her parents’ standards even though she may have had an easy life in London since she knew they trusted her. The only grownups who kept an eye on her while she was in London were her family friends. She laughed and added that she was always responsible and that she was the mother of her group of pals.

Ambition accompanied this commitment. After deciding she wanted to be a star, the girl approached producers. She contacted a lawyer, who advised her against accepting the publishing arrangement. Then, he immediately located her manager, which helped him locate her.

She used to perform often for her friends and family when she was younger, sharing her love of dancing, singing, and music. When her singing teacher in London transferred her into a class with teens when she was nine years old, she realized she had a natural ability.

Hip-hop was immensely popular in Kosovo at the time Redman and Method Man were doing their first concert there. She wanted to watch Pink and Nelly Furtado perform in her city even though they hadn’t arrived yet.

After great success, she eventually brought the Sunny Hill Festival—which attracts artists from all over the world—back to Kosovo. She hopes that the residents of her hometown will continue to enjoy this festival for a very long time.

Her sister and younger brother share a similar enthusiasm for the entertainment business. Her brother began playing music at the age of seventeen, and her younger sister recently received her acting degree. The girl is especially very proud of her parents. She cried out once,

“Every subject I cover has roots in my formative years. Observing my parents raise a family, work multiple jobs, adjust to any circumstance, and attend university classes at night, I saw firsthand how others struggled. But I also came to appreciate how fortunate I am to be a citizen of the United Kingdom and to have returned to London to pursue my job.

The youngster said that another reason she thought her parents’ relationship was difficult was because her mother had married her first love and first lover. Being a single woman in her mid-20s, she felt under pressure and believed that people assumed something was wrong with her.

However, she came to the realization that prior to entering a serious relationship or, for that matter, prior to having children, it is acceptable to be self-centered and prioritize your needs.

Who the hell is this girl?

She detested the moniker Dua Lipa, the girl from when she was younger. In spite of all the hardships she endured as a child, she broke multiple records and became well-known as a pop singer.

Her song “Levitating” became the longest-charting Billboard Hot 100 hit ever in March of last year. With over 5 million views and a new Guinness World Record for the most tickets sold for a live-streamed concert by a single female artist, her 2020 Thanksgiving weekend Studio 2054 webcast smashed even more records. She was having so much fun that she chose to broadcast again even after being given the go-ahead to tour.

She also broke the record for the most female Spotify listeners in 2021, earning her another Guinness World record. She has been nominated for 10 additional Grammy awards and has won three of them, but she keeps her modesty to herself and doesn’t dwell on her successes.

Lipa is doing well in her personal and professional endeavors. She recently attained Albanian citizenship. She is shown in a video accepting her citizenship and grinning broadly as she signs the paperwork.

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