She is the TV personality who had more than 700 guys for sex.

According to Belinda Love Rygier, an Australian reality TV personality, she had over 700 sex encounters and her addiction to sex “ruled her life.”

She gave an explanation of how she overcame her addiction and resumed her regular life.

Belinda “Love” Rygier, who debuted on television in The Bachelor Australia in 2017, disclosed that she has been unmarried for fifteen months and is a patient at a rehabilitation facility.

The 38-year-old woman admitted that meeting new sex partners was the only reason she went out six nights a week.

The Australian celebrity acknowledged that dating apps weren’t as widely available when her addiction was at its worst.

Said by a Former Sexual Addict


Belinda told Mirror that she “didn’t realize she had a problem until she healed from it” when asked to talk on a radio program.

“After I recovered, I was positive that my sex addiction was caused by an unresolved trauma from my past,” the woman stated.


The woman claims she was a “functional addict,” having a great life that worked well and kept her secrets hidden, even though her sex addiction had taken over her life.

The TV personality claims to have “lost count” the number of men she has slept with over the years, but she is positive that the figure is higher than “seven hundred.”

She did, however, state that she still has a “high sexual desire” and that she is “not ashamed” of the amount of sexual partners she has had.

“Men were great at giving me the information I wanted to hear; the woman expressed that her desire was to feel beautiful, validated, and loved.”

Why doesn’t she want to have sex at the moment?
Belinda stated, “The wrong motivation is to use sex: to get quick or transient approval from other people.” The state of society has deteriorated.

In the past, she said, having sex required a strong emotional connection. “I’ll have sex again, but this time it will be with someone I really connect with.”

The TV personality, who has thousands of fans, has emerged as a social media “love guru,” frequently making appearances on programs to share life lessons with her viewers.

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