They Told Him He Could Only Adopt A Baby With An Illness, Disability, Or Behavioral Problems

We define a family as being loved and cared for by our parents from the moment we are born. Unfortunately, plans don’t always work out, and Alba’s birth was no exception.

Sadly, the mother of the small child abandoned her. After that, twenty more families took her in, but in the end, all of them rejected her. She noticed an improvement in her circumstances after that.

When Luca Trapanese tried to adopt a little girl, he ran into a number of difficulties. As a gay guy living in Italy, he encountered several social obstacles that made adopting children more difficult.They decided to make an exception for him, and he was later allowed to adopt her. She was a girl with Down syndrome, so they had their share of challenges, but overall, their amazing bond was evident to all.When he attempted to adopt a child, he was told that he would only be given a child who had a major illness, a severe disability, or behavioral problems. They had no notion which of those options would satisfy him.The adoption took place in 2017, when she was 13 days old. Up until then, twenty families had turned her down for adoption due to her physical condition.However, Luca felt privileged to be her father because she brought him so much joy and contentment.Fatherhood was not a job that Luca took lightly.

Despite having worked in special needs facilities before, it had taken him some time to become a father.His greatest friend died of cancer when he was just 14 years old, which is what first inspired him to help those in need. He works for a Catholic charity, which aids people.When offered the opportunity to adopt a small girl, he decided to give it his all. Even though he doesn’t live with anyone or have a partner, he was still willing to be her father.Alba is a young child who may occasionally be very obstinate and self-assured. She is gregarious, enjoys dancing and singing.The new father said that even though it was his first time holding a newborn and he was scared, he felt they were destined to be together right then and there.To his hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, he continues to publish updates on their life adventure together. They enjoy one other’s company and have come out stronger from the pandemic they survived.We wish them a prosperous and long life together.

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