Angelina Jolie’s Inheritance Plan: What does it mean for her children?

A Tense and Faithful Tale

The well-known actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie recently made news for allegedly choosing not to inherit five of her six children.

In light of this unexpected news, a lot of people, particularly those in the 45–65 age bracket, are wondering why such a drastic adjustment was made. In this essay, we’ll delve deeper and examine the potential consequences of Jolie’s inheritance plan.

The Benefit of a Son’s Service

One of its more surprising aspects is Jolie’s choice to leave her entire fortune—which is reported to be worth $116 million—to her son Maddox.




The reason? Jolie is appreciative of Maddox’s invaluable support throughout her difficult split from Brad Pitt. Given that Maddox was the only child out of her six to actively help her through this challenging process, she had good grounds to make this decision.

Feeling uncomfortable and treated unfairly?

Even if Jolie’s son’s admiration may have inspired her decision, several people who are familiar with the Jolie-Pitt family have expressed astonishment and concern over it.


Brad Pitt, Jolie’s ex-husband, is reportedly upset about the inequality in the inheritance. He believes that treating Maddox like the “Golden Child” while keeping the other children out of her money is immoral and could cause strife within the family.

Inside the Jolie-Pitt home, chaos reigns


The Jolie-Pitt family has seen significant turmoil recently. A contentious and widely reported divorce between the couple featured a court battle over child custody.


Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt in September 2016, citing, among other things, her dissatisfaction with his parenting approach. The divorce ended after a horrible altercation involving Brad, Angie, and Maddox, which also led to more conflict within the family.

Claims and Investigations

Jolie claimed that Pitt had harmed Maddox during the event, and the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services opened an investigation.

However, Pitt was never charged. This has further strained Jolie and Pitt’s relationship, with Brad growing irate with Angelina for her refusal to get the incident removed from the public record.

Bits of Bitterness

Pitt expresses his strong belief that Jolie’s wealth ought to be distributed equally to each of his children. In Maddox’s view, it is improper to give him complete control over such a substantial fortune.

Pitt feels Jolie should consider her other five children and not disregard their needs and opportunities, even though Maddox did assist his mother during the divorce.

A Protracted Battle Is Ahead

If these rumors regarding Jolie’s inheritance plan turn out to be true, Brad and Angelina will undoubtedly be at odds over their children’s welfare for years to come.

This decision could have long-term effects on their already complicated relationship. This instance highlights the challenges and difficult choices that families have, even when they are wealthy and well-known.

As things progress, worries about inheritance, family dynamics, and the fallout from well-publicized divorces come to light. The story of Angelina Jolie’s inheritance plan is a moving reminder that all families, no matter how wealthy or well-known, have unique challenges and difficult choices to make.

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