David Duchovny announces death of beloved rescue dog Brick: shares beautiful poem as tribute

Anyone who has ever lost a dog can attest that it is one of the hardest things they have ever gone through. Famous people lament the passing of their cherished pets.

X-Files star Recently, David Duchovny said goodbye to his beloved rescue dog Brick and wrote a beautiful poem in his memory.

Duchovny, sixty-three, adopted Brick in 2015; the dog has grown to be a loyal friend for the actor’s fan base and even has an Instagram page.

In 2015, Brick was found as a stray off a Los Angeles roadway by rescuer Philip Steir.While trying to find the dog a new home, he received a call from Duchovny saying that “he wanted him ASAP.”

The California star named the dog Brick in honor of former New York Jets offensive tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson. Brick went from being on the streets to living in a famous person’s Malibu estate.


According to Philip Steir, he adopted a new jet-setting lifestyle, visiting David Duchovny Band tour vans, his lavish Manhattan mansion, and movie sets. “What a charming man and lovely boy—quite the life and life change.”

Sadly, after nine years of relationship, Brick’s death was made public by Duchovny. On May 30, he posted an Instagram picture of himself with Brick with the words, “I put down my dog.”

In addition, Duchovny wrote a poignant poem that will speak to anybody who has had to say goodbye to a dog. It expresses the idea that a dog’s life may seem short and insignificant, but the humans who loved them are profoundly impacted by their passing.

This morning, as I buried my dog, I shed a few tears, mourning the loss of his quiet, expressive soul.
A perfect blue sky with a few lingering clouds that afternoon at work
The world continues on its merry path, ignoring a small puppy.
Despite the appearance that he never existed, he actually did

David Duchovny

Well-known Hollywood people expressed their condolences, including Gillian Anderson, Duchovny’s co-star on X-Files.


“Oh, Double D I’m so sorry. Anderson wrote, “RIP, Brick Duchovny.” That dude was your man.

David, I’m sorry. “Sending you love,” commented actress Leslie Mann, who acted alongside Duchovny in The Bubble.

“We really regret the loss you experienced. The animal rights organization PETA declared, “You carry on his sweet memory.” “The love you two shared will always be in your heart. Love and strength are offered from all of us at PETA.

In addition, Brick portrays the dog’s contented life in his Instagram photos.

I am grateful for the life I have led, despite the sadness of saying goodbye to all of my friends. “My life was a beautiful journey,” the post states.

“The following day, I moved in with the kindest family and roommates, who gave me air conditioning, refreshments, and a lovely large field for play. I used to live under the highway by myself. I got to witness movie sets and concerts in addition to getting to know a lot of interesting people. Above all, never forget to eat a snack, be mindful of the surroundings, and watch out for one another.

David Duchovny has always been an animal advocate. In 2011, a group developed edible birth control for cats and dogs as a solution to the problem of pet overpopulation.

He also worked with Brick to publicize the “lick my face” challenge, in which participants were urged to donate $1 to the charity Target Zero for each lick from their cat.

Duchovny has a lengthy history of dog ownership; in the past, he brought his dog Blue to the X-Files production.

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