Keith Urban writes sweet message for wife Nicole Kidman’s 56th birthday – it will melt your heart

Given the significance of your wife’s birthday, it is imperative that you never forget it. Keith Urban made a beautiful post to honor his wife Nicole Kidman’s birthday because he is a man who gets this.

Continue reading to hear Keith’s thoughts regarding his wife.

Millions of people all around the world know and love Nicole Kidman. She has a family that adores her in addition to her passionate admirers.

Kidman married Keith Urban in 2006, and the couple has two kids together. The Australian actress received hundreds of emails wishing her a happy 56th birthday, which she observed on Tuesday.

However, she may have received one of the cutest greetings from her own spouse, artist Keith Urban. When he wrote about his wife, he employed the most beautiful words. Urban said in the description of a birthday post, “To my gorgeous, sexy, adventurous, curious, nature-loving, owl-spotting, artist, wife: happy birthday baby!!!!!! xxxxxx.”

He spoke so lovingly of his wife, complimenting not only her good looks but also her intelligence and attitude! This is how a grateful husband should speak to his spouse!


Keith Urban wasn’t the only one wishing birthday wishes to others. Her friend, the British actress Naomi Watts, also penned a moving ode to her partner. “Happy birthday to you, my sweet friend. She posted a picture of the two of them on social media with the caption, “Here’s to many years of deep friendship and enjoyable adventures.” I love you more than the stars. I sincerely appreciate your generosity and assistance.

Keith and Nicole Kidman aren’t shy about expressing their love for one another. Kidman also wrote a beautiful tribute for her husband last weekend on Father’s Day.

The couple had two kids, Sunday, 14, and Faith, 12, when they were first married. She posted a picture of Urban that seemed to show him racing one of their daughters. In the post, she said “Happy Father’s Day to the coolest dad there is!” All of us admire you so much! Your women.

The couple is unquestionably in love. Nicole Kidman continues to go by her maiden name even after getting married, but she occasionally makes fun of herself as Nicole Urban when her husband is performing.

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