Man Digging In His Backyard Makes The Last Discovery He Ever Expected To Find

John Sims relocated to Tucson, Arizona, in an attempt to live a more peaceful life. He had no notion that it would end up being one of his all-time favorite experiences. Everything started when he was informed about a worrying rumor by the previous owner of his new home.

There seems to have been a whisper that something was buried there. John could not stop thinking about it, so he dug in the backyard. What he discovered gave him the chills. He clearly did not sign up for this.


John Sims had found a buddy who was selling a house in midtown Tucson, Arizona, and he was eager to close the deal. Since the owner was a friend, he knew he was in good hands. But once the paperwork was completed, his acquaintance informed him of a land-related rumor.


The elders of the community believe that something fascinating is hidden within. John might be able to solve the puzzle that his friend was unable to. As it happened, John had discovered something that would cause Arizonans to talk for days on end.

As John began transferring his possessions into his new home, he thought back to his friend’s remarks. He was intrigued and captivated. He soon developed a strong desire to unravel the secrets of his new house.


John began to dig and survey his property. John dug four different holes in the backyard and still found nothing. He could find nothing beneath the grass, therefore it had to be under the bricks.

X indicates where it is.

By collecting city records, John was able to find the record of the construction of his house. It revealed the existence of a peculiar building that Whitaker Pools had built in 1961. Now that he had proof that something was buried on the land, John was motivated to solve the riddle.

striking a melody.

John eagerly sent the consultants home and got a shovel to begin excavating. It didn’t take him long to hit anything metal with his shovel. He finally found something three feet beneath the grass. John made the decision to stand back and assess his development.


Open the hatch using a slide.

John later discovered what appeared to be the hatch’s opening. To get past the rubble and pull open the metal cover, he bent down. John was careful not to breathe in too much air for fear of breathing in hazardous gas vapors or mold spores.


It wasn’t safe.

One morning, John peered through the hatch. He could see a spiral staircase leading below. Unlike others, who would run down because they were so happy, John was not as credulous.

Forming a group

John knew the hazards well because of his extensive training and experience in rescuing those who become trapped in small spaces. He was aware that the stairway was unstable and that it would be extremely risky for him to descend the shaft alone.


figuring out the entrance

They had finally finished building the area around the structure. However, the spiral staircase presented another challenge. The steps were so corroded that it was impossible to determine whether they could sustain any weight. They needed to figure out another way inside without going up the stairs.

There was still unresolved business.

Once he reached the bottom, John was relieved that they did not need to go any more. Still, there was a lot of work to be done. The tunnel ceilings’ fiberglass covering was gradually deteriorating. This indicated that the building’s perimeter remained unguarded.


starting in the era of the Cold War

It all became obvious at once. The shelter was built during the Cold War, when the United States and the Soviet Union feared full-scale nuclear war. At that point, Whitaker Pools added bomb shelters to their line of business.

Actually, there were bomb shelters on several sites around Tucson. In the case of a nuclear war, that was the best a responsible family man could do at the time to protect his loved ones.

growing in acceptance

John shared his garden discovery on Reddit and quickly became well-known. The post has received hundreds of comments in a matter of hours. Local publications and TV shows started getting in touch to set up interviews about it.

The story was covered by international outlets such as the Daily Mail. John’s tale has also been told in Japan. Undoubtedly a noteworthy finding. Tucson locals started to fear as well, in case they had one in their backyard.

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