Miranda Lambert mourning two rescue dogs who died within 6 weeks: “two of the best and most loyal friends”

Nobody wants to go through the emotional roller coaster of losing two dogs in a short amount of time. One of the most difficult things in the world is saying goodbye to a pet.

The well-known country music performer Miranda Lambert recently broke the heartbreaking news that two of her rescue animals had passed away in the space of six weeks.

She turned her grief into an opportunity to support dog rescue; read on to witness her heartfelt ode:

The 40-year-old singer of “House that Built Me” said on social media that she had recently said goodbye to Louise, a Great Pyrenee, and Delta Dawn, a Chihuahua-Pug mix, two of her rescue animals.


I hope you find peace. Dawn of Delta and Louise

Over the past six weeks, two of my closest and most loyal friends have passed away, Lambert wrote on Instagram.


She described Delta Dawn as “one of those dogs that you only get once in a lifetime.” She first encountered Delta in 2009 at an Oklahoma Sonic. Despite her hunger and poverty, Lambert recalled her as having a lot of personality.

I opened the door, and she dove into my car. Just trying to buy a cherry limeade turned into an encounter with one of the most amazing dogs I have ever met. We spent over 16 years together, and she was on almost every tour I’ve ever been on. Having met her and gained so much knowledge from her has been a pleasure.

Something shared by Miranda Lambert (@mirandalambert)


On April 22, 2022, Delta Dawn passed away. As if that loss wasn’t enough, Lambert had to say goodbye to Louise, another of her rescue dogs, a matter of weeks later.

Louise and her sister Thelma were adopted by Lambert from a shelter in 2016. They quickly made a name for themselves as the farm dogs of Lambert in Nashville.

“The day I brought them to the farm, they felt right at home,” says Lambert. “I required my miniature horses, chickens, and goats to provide security for the other animals.” And they performed a wonderful job at it.




Something shared by Miranda Lambert (@mirandalambert)

Lambert stated that it “hurts so bad to say goodbye” when she made Thelma’s passing public in July of last year. Louise has now crossed over to meet her dog sister on the other side of the rainbow bridge, about a year later. Lambert will always remember the two dogs that captured her heart.


“The Pyrenees have stolen my heart entirely.” caring, sympathetic, perceptive, watchful, and unwavering protectors till the very end. I try to be more like them every day. Everyone, there are many different kinds of rescues. All you have to do is open your heart and get ready to receive their love.

“The power of a victory”

While grieving for the loss of these two dear friends, Lambert also used the occasion to highlight “the power of a rescue and what they can do to a heart” and raise awareness of the transformational potential of canine rescues.

As a living example of animal rescue, I want everyone to know that I support it, and I am thankful for these creatures in my life on a daily basis. There are also times, like today, when I find it hard to believe I lost them. To love this much, you have to suffer this much. They are valuable.

“As shelters across the country struggle with overcrowding, this is my heart song to you.” Consider engaging in volunteer work, fostering, or rescuing. There’s no telling what kind of blessing you might come across.

“Please remember to consider bringing home a pet from a shelter so it can be a part of those summertime memories spent at home in your backyards with your families. They will make your life better.

Miranda Lambert is an animal activist.

Throughout her career, Miranda Lambert has supported and helped animals with her notoriety. She founded the MuttNation Foundation, an organization that aids animal shelters and rescues, in 2009.

MuttNation has arranged adoption drives at country music events, coordinated emergency disaster help, and donated funds for shelters around the country. In 2022, they partnered with Greater Good Charities to provide low-income families with 2 million pet meals.

Additionally, Lambert opened the Redemption Ranch shelter in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, in 2014.


Delta, may you rest in peace. Dawn and Louise. They had a huge following. Thank you, Miranda Lambert, for all of your efforts on behalf of animals.

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