12 children and a dog are honored for their crime-busting actions as “The Young Heroes.”

After our amazing journey, when the group of “human arrow” youngsters helped the police track down the robbers, any child may be a hero!

When the teenagers expertly pointed a police aircraft at two burglary suspects who were fleeing, they became known online as “Tremendous Twelve.” They traveled with their trusty Yorkshire terrier, Molly, much like the fictitious characters developed by Enid Blyton.

The kids initially spoke on Sunday about their amazing experience with The Mail. They declared yesterday, “We feel really proud – it was awesome.” They were conducting an Easter egg search in the middle of a field in Capel, Surrey, when they noticed the helicopter flying overhead. Their ages ranged from six to twelve.

“We could see it said “police” on the bottom, and it was really noisy,” a nine-year-old girl remembered. A man then bounded across the border of the field. The man was observed taking off his sweater and putting it around his head.


These 12 Kids And A Dog Were Dubbed As The Crime-Busting Heroics - YouTube

“They attempted to yell at the pilot,” she went on.

Despite their frantic demands for it to turn toward the man, she said, the chopper was really pointing in the opposite direction.

I then said, “Let’s get into an arrow,” and two of my friends and I took our spots on the ground.

After resting in the dirt for approximately a minute, the children noticed the approaching helicopter.

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