My MIL gave away my late mother’s necklace, so I kicked her out.

We can find great meaning in jewelry, which acts as a constant reminder of the giver. The woman was upset to learn that her mother-in-law had given away her late mother’s valuables. She told her in-law to get out of her house right away, then looked online to see if she had been very tough.




About her problem, a woman wrote a blog entry online.
My generosity and patience are known to my family (30F). Being a nice person makes me proud. I’ve always gone above and beyond to help people. My spouse (32M) and I have a great relationship since we respect and understand one another.

I received some antique jewelry from my late mother, which has been in my family for many years. It is not only priceless, but it also has a deep emotional meaning for me. I’ve always worn it sparingly and have kept it safe because I love the memories it brings back.







Here is my MIL (57F), who tends to overreact. When she lost her flat, my spouse and I let her stay with us despite our tense relationship. All we asked in exchange was for them to respect our possessions.


When I went home one day, my MIL and her friends were having a tea party. The fact that one of her friends was wearing my mother’s necklace made me very sad. When I asked my mother-in-law about it, she said that she gave it away since she believed it was “just old jewelry” and her friend liked it.


I was devastated and completely betrayed. My partner was equally shocked and agreed with my choice to ask her to leave. Everyone else in the family feels that I’m the bad guy and that I should forgive her because, well, “family is family.”

I was given the necklace back after telling my MIL’s friend what had happened, but my MIL thinks I embarrassed her.

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