My Parents Didn’t Show up for My School Graduation — Their Excuse Is Ridiculous

The momentous occasion of high school graduation is something that we all look forward to. We want to spend this unique period in our life with the individuals that mean the most to us.

Britt, the young woman, described her graduation day as an emotional roller coaster. She felt proud of herself for finishing high school, but she was also concerned that her mother and stepfather might not be present. She peered around the crowd in anticipation of seeing familiar faces between the lights of the cameras and the excitement.

She sat among her peers and continued to glance around. She told herself, “Looks like they’re running late.” Maybe stuck in traffic. They will soon make their appearance.

When it was finally her turn to take the stage, Britt glanced around as names were called. With a broad smile, she held her certificate, wanting to see her mother’s happy smile and her stepdad’s applause. But they were nowhere to be seen.

She reasoned that “they must be here somewhere” as she went around. Finally, realizing they were most likely not going to arrive, Britt checked her phone. “We’re sorry we couldn’t make it,” the note added. Something happened to your stepsister. Later, we will celebrate. Best wishes!


Britt was in disbelief. Besides her graduation, what could it be that would matter more? All she wanted to do was get home and find out what had occurred since she was so angry and scared.


Iris, her step-sister, was notorious for her frequent meltdowns and intense need for attention, but could things really be this bad at this point?

Standing by herself, Britt felt a comforting hand settle on her shoulder. Justin, it was her prom date. “Hey, are you okay?” he said. sense that anything was very wrong.


Britt could not get the lump out of her throat to speak. Tears flowed from her lips instead of words.

Justin’s mother drew Britt into a warm embrace and murmured, “Oh sweetheart, come here.” “You are not alone; we are here to support you.”

Justin and his family did everything they could to help Britt feel important and included in an effort to fill the void left by her parents.

Following her celebration with Justin’s parents, Britt returned home. It looked like any other day to her mother-in-law and father-in-law, who were lounging on the sofa and watching TV.

Furious, Britt charged at them, asking, “Hey, where were you guys? You weren’t here when I graduated. Her voice faltered with anger.


“Your stepsister broke a nail,” her horrified mother groaned. She threw a fit and demanded that we take her straight to the hair salon to get it straightened out. Britt was really pissed up.

In disbelief, Britt exclaimed, “A broken nail? Is it true that you missed my graduation because Iris snapped and broke a nail?

Iris muttered, “It was an emergency for me,” without looking up.

Britt observed how out of step her parents’ morals were. This was too much, even though she knew that Iris was their favorite. “Are you serious?” “Do you even realize how much this meant to me?” she exclaimed.

“Britt, we’re sorry,” her mother mumbled, unable to look her in the eye. We’ll celebrate later, I promise.

After considerable consideration, Britt decided it would be best to take a little break from the house. She called Mrs. Anderson, Justin’s mother, and said, “Good evening, Mrs. Anderson,” her voice trembling. I need a favor, but how should I make the request?

“All right, Brittany. What is that? Mrs. Anderson answered politely.

Do you mind if I stay with you for a little while? I had to go since I don’t get along with my family.

Without hesitation, Mrs. Anderson responded, “Of course, sweetheart.” You’re always welcome here.

Britt gathered her things and headed to the front door. “I’m leaving,” she said. “I need to get away from you and this house for a while.”

When her mother tried to stop her, it was too late.

In the weeks that followed, Britt got a job and finally an apartment. She wanted no communication with her parents, so she refused to take their calls.

Years later, as Britt was about to graduate from college, she decided to give her parents one final chance at forgiveness. Sensing that they owed her something, she contacted to extend an invitation to attend her graduation.

Unfortunately, the past happened again. On the day of her college graduation, her mother and stepfather were nowhere to be seen. The explanation? Iris, who was pregnant at the time, had a need for a cake from a far candy store, so they got stuck in traffic. Like before, they texted me a corny message.

Those who were meant to be Britt’s biggest allies suffered yet another blow. After the ceremony, Justin found her. “They didn’t make it, did they?” he said delicately. Shouting, “They didn’t,” she said.

At last, they moved in together and developed a love relationship because Justin had always been there for her. Britt was happy with how her life turned out, but the loss of her parents remained painful.

Looking back, Britt learned that there are certain people who would always let you down and waste your second opportunity.

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