Ricki Lake faced criticism for sharing a photo when she was entirely unclothed

One of Ricki Lake’s “most favorable” periods in her life is currently.

On Monday, a former talk show host shared a self-portrait on Instagram that highlighted her feelings and skin tone.

The image features 54-year-old Lake, clad and grinning, unwinding in an outdoor Jacuzzi amid tall redwood trees.

She said confidently, “These are the best days of my life.”

“At fifty-four and a half, relatively young still!” I am appreciative of everything that had to occur for me to arrive at this point. She said, “A place defined by complete acceptance and love of oneself.”

Although Lake started her path to self-acceptance in 2019, she didn’t make it known to the world until 2022.


In December 2022, she made public a never-before-seen footage of herself shaving her head.

a video from this year in 2019. Her androgenetic alopecia, which she confessed having for 30 years in the video’s commentary, was the reason of her hair loss.

Lake wrote in the caption that they wanted to publish the unedited video footage today even though they had never done so before. They said they were interested in sharing the news with everyone who had followed their trek. I want you to know that I genuinely understand your sorrow, especially because I know that some of you have personally experienced my battle.


In this film, you might witness me achieving freedom, tranquility, and—above all—self-care and self-approval.

After shaving, Lake’s hair grew back, and she is now content with her “naturally gray and sometimes untamed head of hair.”

May those who are struggling find peace and compassion. Life is far too brief.

She refuses to back down, despite the fact that some find the image offensive.

It’s okay, but why do we have to witness it, just curious, one person said in response to another, “I don’t know why someone feels the need to present themselves in such a way.” I find it a little strange to upload an almost nude photo of oneself to the internet. According to me.

She did not respond to any of them, but she also did not appear to be offended by them. We are allowed to share everything an artist so desires and to honor their individuality in producing works we value.

What are your thoughts regarding her online post?

We think that her main point deserves special consideration. It is a waste of time to worry about things we are unable to change. We have to be able to love and accept both ourselves and our flaws!

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