The mystery of the “squnk”: Ohio residents can’t tell if this creature is a squirrel or a skunk,,,,,,

Recently, there has been discussion about this peculiar and fascinating animal that looks like a cross between a skunk and a squirrel in Northeast Ohio.

The creature, dubbed a “squnk,” possesses the body of a squirrel but the dark black hair and white-tipped tail of a skunk:

This strange creature has reportedly been sighted in Ohio on several occasions recently, and images of it have gained popularity on social media. Some ideas suggest that the “squnk” is actually a hybrid of the two species.

This “squnk” turns out to be a black squirrel. Even in the absence of any skunk DNA, this is an extremely unusual sight. Smithsonian Magazine claims that black squirrels are the progeny of eastern gray and fox squirrel couples. Actually, the squirrel in issue is an eastern gray squirrel with a darker coloration due to a genetic mutation.

Black squirrels are incredibly rare; there is only one black squirrel for every 10,000 squirrels. Their darker coat gives them a thermal advantage over regular gray squirrels, enabling them to stay warmer in the winter and in colder locations.


Ten black squirrels have been a recognizable sight on campus since 1961, so much so that they have earned the distinction of becoming Kent State University’s unofficial mascot.


So, if you see a “squnk” in Ohio, don’t panic—it’s only a black squirrel with some skunk-like fur on its tail, and you won’t get sprayed.

Whoa, what an amazing creature! It might not be a squirrel-skunk hybrid, but it’s still a unique animal to come upon.

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