“I couldn’t eat because of my nose.” “Pinocchio” from the USA showed what he looked like after plastic surgery

Conrado, a painter who is 58 years old, had a crucial encounter that drastically altered his life. A work order was given to Conrado. A renowned plastic surgeon was the client, as it would eventually find out. The physician’s first focus upon meeting the painter was on his nose.

The physician stated, “I knew the moment I laid eyes on Conrado that he had rhinophyma, a condition that primarily affects middle-aged men.” Conrado had visited numerous doctors by then, but to no avail. I was approached by Dr. Romo, who assured me right away that he would assist me. According to Conrado, “it seemed like a miracle.”

The patient’s appearance significantly changed as a result of Dr. Romo’s expert performance. As of right now, Conrado has a routine life and enjoys looking at his tidy nose.

What are your thoughts on the painter’s transformation? That Dr. Roma has golden hands is evident.

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