Eight puppies rescued after being abandoned in crate on 100-degree day

Summer is here, and many of us are experiencing the higher temperatures. A notable heat wave that affected several parts of the United States occurred this past week.

If you were one of these puppies and the temperature reached 100 degrees one day, you would believe it was scorching outside. Imagine being left in a kennel.

The puppies are currently safe despite the unfortunate circumstances thanks to a nice Samaritan’s quick response.

The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office in Fort Worth, Texas, announced on Facebook that eight puppies from a litter had been left in a container inside a field.

There were reports of 100 degree temperatures, and there was no water available for the dogs. Thankfully, Forth Worth Animal Control was able to save the puppies when a kind person found them in time.


The dogs will reportedly be available for adoption this week, subject to their medical exams.

Although the agency could not disclose details on their health, the picture of one of the puppies lying on its side while an officer gives it water to cool it down raises the possibility that they suffered from the extreme heat:

It is unclear who left the puppies there, and the note did not indicate whether the investigation was still ongoing.




Many people on the internet expressed horror at the incident, but they also applauded the person who found them for acting honorably and saving their lives.

“Some people’s violence. Amazing. “I’m glad someone found them,” a commenter comments.

“It’s a very cold-hearted person that will do this to a helpless small animal,” remarked another user.


Individuals such as this have a particular place! I’m happy that someone found them.

It is more important than ever to keep an eye out for dogs who are left outside in the heat because of the harsh weather that many people have been experiencing. Particularly vulnerable to heat stroke are dogs.


Summer is just here, but already there have been many reports of dogs left in hot cars—one deadly incident at Disney Springs, and one dog that was rescued from an extremely hot U-Haul vehicle that was parked close to the beach.

It’s unbelievable that someone would abandon these puppies in the middle of a field in such extreme weather, but we’re glad they were spared and hope they all find homes soon!

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