How lucky Ryan is! Photo Blake in a bikini and you will not be indifferent

Ryan is truly fortunate! It is impossible not to be moved when you see Blake in a bikini.

Making the most of the summer months before Labor Day, Blake Lively shared her own hump day thirst-trap bikini photo poolside. Wearing a short-sleeved white top and thin bottoms that accented her toned belly. She said of her spouse, Ryan Reynolds, in the post, writing, “summer lovin’…had me a blast.”


This doesn’t make it apparent if she did it to identify him as her photographer or to get his attention. It’s likely that Lively and Reynolds will continue to make fun of one other on social media like they always do. On September 9, Lively and Reynolds will commemorate their tenth wedding anniversary. James, age 7, Betty, age 2, and Inez, age 5, are the couple’s three daughters who live together. Reynolds made a really candid (for him, anyhow) Mother’s Day post last year on how big of an influence Lively has had on him, despite the fact that the two of them routinely make fun of each other in their captions.

“It needs to be said again… “You are the center of everything this family experiences,” he uttered.I’m appreciative of the love and joy you bring into every second of our lives. From our children’s eyes, I see you.


Every chuckle Every cringe, every vulnerable thought. The courage and strength required to be a mother in 2021 is absolutely astounding. This is hardly the kind of anonymous sex in the airport restroom that I would have anticipated. Or how you would ask Dog The Bounty Hunter to come look for me. I’m fortunate to be able to give back a small portion of the light you shine upon all of us, in any case. My darling, happy Mother’s Day.

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