LeBron James and His Son Are Officially Teammates as Bronny Drafted by Lakers

Bronny, the oldest kid of LeBron James, is now expected to make his NBA debut in the autumn.

Bronny, the kid of LeBron James, will be an NBA player!Bronny, 19, was selected by his father’s team, the Los Angeles Lakers, with the 55th overall pick on Thursday, June 27, in the second round of the NBA draft.


The NBA claims that James, playing as a father-son team, will create NBA history by being the first to play concurrently.

Former Los Angeles Lakers player Magic Johnson congratulated Bronny James on being selected by the team in a tweet on X, the old Twitter platform. This is a historic moment for LeBron and Bronny because they are the first father-son duo to play simultaneously and for the same team in the NBA. Watching Bronny suit up for the @Lakers during Summer League in Vegas will be must-see television!


LeBron’s eldest child, Bronny, is set to enter the NBA after playing just one shortened season at the University of Southern California.




In February of last year, ESPN projected Bronny to be selected in the top 10 in the NBA Draft. However, due to health issues and an unsatisfactory rookie season at USC, Bronny’s draft position decreased.

In the NBA, where his father has dominated for the past 20+ years, setting records for scoring and winning four NBA Championships and four NBA MVP Awards, Bronny is “nowhere near ready” to play. An NBA general manager who wished to remain anonymous made this claim to The Ringer in April.

“Bronny’s readiness is far from complete,” declared the general manager. “He should go back to school, whether or not he’s playing with his dad, so he can develop at his own pace and not get lost in the shuffle.”

LeBron’s child was not able to participate in the first eight games of the NCAA season due to a heart attack that occurred during a practice in July of last year. After receiving a diagnosis of “an anatomically and functionally significant congenital heart defect,” Bronny was cleared to play again in the USC basketball team’s December game, which his father had attended.

LeBron told reporters that seeing his son play for the first time “was everything for my family.” “It was an emotional and draining day from the moment we all woke up until the buzzer hit zeros.”

But Bronny struggled the rest of the way, starting six of the team’s 25 games and scoring only 4.8 points and 2.8 rebounds per game on average.

Despite his disappointments, LeBron remained upbeat about his son’s draft prospects during the NBA season.

LeBron was reportedly overheard in the Los Angeles locker room in January amid a terrible stretch in which the Lakers lost eight straight games and were eliminated from playoff contention, according to Claire de Lune, an NBA contributor for The Guardian. “Right now, Bronny could play for us, easy.”LeBron’s ultimate goal to cap off his incredible basketball career has been to play for his son Bronny’s team in the NBA.


“I got to be on the floor with Bronny; I need to be on the floor with my boy,” LeBron said following the 2023 campaign. “In the same uniform or in a matchup against him.”

During pre-draft drills, Bronny reportedly shocked evaluators by telling reporters that his dream is to play in the NBA, escape his father’s shadow, and forge his own history. This is according to ESPN.

James said, “My dream has always just been to put my name out there, make a name for myself, and of course get to the NBA, which is everyone’s angle in here,” according to the outlet. “I never thought about just playing with him, but my dad has brought it up a few times.”

For the 2024–2025 season, LeBron must still decide by June 29 whether to play in the final year of his $51.4 million contract with the Lakers.

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