Reasons Why Guys Bring Up Their Ex-Girlfriend in Your Conversation

1. As an example

He hopes that you will be a more fulfilling relationship than his last one.

It’s possible that he is assessing you and the relationship he ended in an effort to think back on the past.

He draws parallels between you in an attempt to either validate your own growth or to motivate you to get better in the relationship.

Guys will keep you current by bragging about the good qualities of their former relationships.


However, if you give a guy the advantage he lacked in his previous relationship, he will talk badly about his ex.


He will want to tell you how much better off you are than his ex if you both possess the same level of energy that he was looking for in his last relationship.

2. To make you feel envious

He may talk about how much he still loves his former partner. He will discuss his excellent deeds for her and how he received a hard split as payment.

He thinks everything he said would make you jealous of his dedication to the collaboration. He interprets that as an indication that you want to know more about the positive parts of what he’s done.

3. To elicit a discussion about your past

Men believe that this is the most effective way to uncover your most intimate past secrets. By disclosing private information about their connection with their ex-partner, they try to control you.


With their s3xcapade, they can travel great distances. so that you will be comfortable telling them about yours in return.


They will also talk to you about both their happy and sad memories. They are only interested in your story and your personality in relation to your ex-partner.

4. A heads-up on what to expect from the collaboration

This is a subtle way of telling you what he wants both in and out of a relationship.

He opens up to you about the details of his past relationships in an effort to better understand you and what he could and could not tolerate from you.

Some seemingly insignificant, ugly behaviors can be deal-breakers for him.

5. To check understanding and spot mistakes that should be avoided

Sometimes he uses talking about his ex-girlfriend to explain past disasters or let go of emotional baggage.

If you discussed these experiences with him, you might have a better understanding of him. It could also be seen as a cautionary tale.

By discussing the things that went wrong in their previous relationships, people can express what they’ve learned and what they hope to avoid in their present one.

6. To choose our shared future

He may talk about his background to get a sense of your personality. He wants to make sure that you are the right lady with whom he should be devoted.


He may be watching your response when he brings up his ex. If you begin to feel jealous or uneasy, that may be a red flag for him.

It could be a way to find out how you feel about certain marriage matters.

Whether or not you click as a partner will depend on how you react to and understand his version of what happened between him and his ex-partner.

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