This Man Is Suing His Parents For Having Him “Without His Consent” And It’s Looking Good

Life has its highs and lows. Along with eating, working, playing, and sleeping, you also have to learn to live with discomfort. Regardless of who you are or where you are in life, you have personal issues that make things harder than you would like. But none of this would be happening if you had never been born. Mumbai, India-born anti-natalist Raphael Samuel, 27, feels that you should sue your own parents because you are their child.

Samuel’s contentious remarks are creating a lot of agitation on his “Nihilanand” Facebook page. He regularly posts memes and videos to bolster his view that it’s unfair that you were born into this dysfunctional world against your parents’ will and that they did not provide their consent.

Some people think he’s funny. Some say he’s not very empathetic. Some people actually find him enjoyable. However, one thing remains constant: people continue to be drawn to him.

Raphael Samuel defends the average person despite seeming a touch ridiculous in his disguise—especially when paired with his colorful remarks. He does this while donning his signature fake black beard and dark sunglasses. He never ceases teaching that self-centered parents who give their kids a life they didn’t ask for are not deserving of respect.

Usually, he creates memes to highlight his ideas. In these photos, he poses in front of brightly colored slogans. One of his most recent comments states, “A good parent puts the child above its desires and needs, but the child itself is a desire of the parent.” #ParentsAreCompassionate

Remarkably, Samuel claims that he gets along well with his father (DailyMail). Even if he doesn’t treat them badly, he believes he doesn’t have to thank them for getting him here.


In the video titled “Why Am I Litigating My Parents?” Raphael Samuel asserts that his mother has accepted his ideals, despite the fact that his father hasn’t. He’s growing accustomed to the concept, For someone who claims you don’t have to respect parents, he works with some quite great parents.

Samuel is getting closer to the idea of suing his parents as “Nihilanand” becomes increasingly well-known and humorous comments about it appear online. He is receiving support for his views and feedback that he is making a “good point” from individuals who post Facebook images with the caption, “Your parents had you instead of a toy or a dog.” You owe them nothing. It’s you who makes them laugh.

Samuel has even gone so far as to equate having children with kidnapping (due to lack of consent) and slavery (for the benefit of the owner or parents). Even while many of his ideas seem to lean more toward sensationalism and internet trolling, his major goal is to make sure that people are aware that having children is a choice. He wants to challenge the norm and demonstrate that there are good reasons not to have children in a culture where doing so is almost expected.

What is your emotional state? Is he merely poking fun of us all, or is he attempting to make a point?

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