Tips for Choosing Quality Eggs

Using eggs for cooking is a common practice in many homes. Choosing eggs from healthy chickens is essential, whether you’re cooking scrambled eggs or baking a cake. If you follow these simple guidelines, you can determine the quality of an egg before using it in a recipe.

What Shade Is the Yolk?
Most eggs have a yellow yolk, which is usually a sign of a healthy egg. Conversely, the color of the yolk may vary depending on the chicken’s nutrition.

Comparing store-bought and free-range

The two main types of chickens are commercially produced hens and free-range hens. Typically, store-bought birds’ eggs have yellow yolks. While this hue is frequently regarded as positive, there is an even more appealing indication of a healthy egg.

Bright Orange Yogurt


A beautiful orange yolk is one wonderful sign that the bird has been provided a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients. This vibrant hue indicates that the hen has led a healthy life, which results in an egg of superior quality. So remember, when it comes to yolks, orange is the new yellow!


Watch Out for Dark Yolks

A black yolk may be a sign that the chicken isn’t receiving enough nutrients from its food. While eating black-yolked eggs isn’t necessarily harmful, it’s generally better to choose eggs with brighter yolks to ensure you’re getting the most amount of nutrients.


If you consider the color of the yolk while selecting eggs for your recipes, you may make better decisions. So the next time you break open an egg, remember that a bright orange yolk signifies healthier chicken and a better-tasting dish!

See this instructive video for further tips on choosing healthy eggs:


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